2nd Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC Announced and Unveiled in “Redemption” Trailer

Barely two weeks ago, in case you missed it, my review of Marvel’s Midnight Suns was published. While I strongly encourage you to take a read if you have a moment, Firaxis and 2K have sent over some additional news about the second Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC (downloadable content) to share.

The second Marvel’s Midnight Suns DLC has been officially unveiled today via a trailer entitled “Redemption.”

This seems to follow the theme of the game’s first additional content pack that launched on January 26th, where a new hero is added to the roster and recruitable through several unique missions. In the first DLC, it was Deadpool. In this one, it’s Spider-Man’s nemesis, Venom.

Venom is one of the corrupted minibosses you must face after goth mommy Lillith gets her claws into his brain. Very much in the same manner in which you cure and recruit Scarlet Witch and the Hulk, I would surmise that after you kick the tar out of him at the end of Act I, Venom has a change of heart.

If I recall correctly, you drop a church bell on his ass, and if that’s not a sign that you need to reassess your life choices, I don’t know what is.

Venom is features in the second Marvel's Midnight Suns DLC

Upon finishing the recruitment mission storyline, 2K and Firaxis indicate that Venom will function as a full-fledged party member. This includes unlocking new abilities, building a friendship with the Hunter, and, what’s more, the DLC will add a new Abbey upgrade to expand the tactical usage of the Intel resource.

I am interested to see what Venom’s unique mechanic will be, as I assume it will be something to do with crowd control and regenerating health. He also speaks to me on a personal level, as we are both constantly hungry.

If you care in the slightest, a few new costumes/suits will also be added along with this.

To complement this announcement, the game is currently on a really hefty discount. Details of these offers can be found below:

  • Xbox (Microsoft Store): 40% off Enhanced and Legendary editions from February 7th to February 20th
  • PlayStation (PlayStation Store): 40% off Enhanced and Legendary editions from February 15th to March 1st, only for PlayStation Plus subscribers
  • Steam: 40% off all editions from February 16th to March 2nd

But that’s not all! If you aren’t entirely sure if this is for you, there are options to give the game a whirl on a trial basis.

Iron man in the second Marvel's Midnight Suns DLC

The Marvel’s Midnight Suns Game Trial is available for all players on Xbox Series X|S for three hours and is available for PlayStation Plus Premium players on PlayStation 5 for two hours. To get the Game Trial, navigate to the Marvel’s Midnight Suns store page on your console, and select the Trial option.

As a note: if the game is open, your clock is ticking.

For PC players (like me), the standard edition of Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be available for free as part of an All-Access Weekend on Steam from Thursday, February 16th at 10:00 AM PT to Sunday, February 19th at 9:59 AM PT.

Following this time period, you will have to purchase the game to continue playing it.

All progress achieved during the Trial/All-Access periods will transfer over if you purchase the main game, so don’t fret; Captain Marvel will still be your friend.

On February 23rd, the “Redemption” DLC will be available for purchase via standalone or via the Season Pass. If you already have the Season Pass, you’ll get it automatically.

Honestly, at 40% off, I’d give Marvel’s Midnight Suns a look, especially if you get a chance to try it for free and like what you see.


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