Destiny 2’s Latest Expansion, Lightfall, Launching with Gaming Gear

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Destiny 2's Latest Expansion, Lightfall, Launching with Gaming Gear Listen to this article

It’s that time of year when the next campaign is about to be launched, and Bungie is going big this year. Bungie, the original creator of the Halo series and, more recently, the MMO Destiny 2, has announced a new collection of limited-edition gaming gear celebrating Destiny‘s upcoming expansion, dubbed Lightfall. For those of you who don’t know, Destiny 2 is a Multiplayer online game that is free to play, but to engage in higher levels of content, annual campaigns, and get more cosmetics, players will need to pay cash.

In collaboration with SteelSeries and KontrolFreek, the trio is rolling out some new hardware for fans to get inspired and excited about Lightfall. These include the award-winning Arctis 7+ Headset, Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse, QcK Prism XL Mousepad, and KontrolFreek Thumbstick.

As someone who doesn’t understand anything about Destiny 2, apparently, the color palette of this new gear is designed around Neptune’s megacity of Neomuna (whatever that is), and customers who purchase the special edition collection will receive similarly colored in-game cosmetics as well.

Through my research, in the game, the player controls “Guardians” who defend the Last City in our solar system where humanity currently resides. Guardians are tasked with exploring space, collecting gear, and improving their abilities to stand fast against the forces of evil.

It is also a co-op game, so you and your fellow Cheetoh-encrusted friends can collaborate against other players or complete story missions together. In Lightfall, a malevolent former emperor called Calus has returned as a representative of a cosmic evil revealed in a previous expansion.

Guardians must stop Calus and his Shadow Legion from conquering Neomuna with the help of a new subclass with brand new abilities called Strand.

Destiny 2's Latest Expansion, Lightfall, Launching with Gaming Gear

Great stuff, I’m sure, if any of this made sense to me. I’ll have to give it a whirl sometime.

ANYWAY, the key standouts in this collab are clearly the Headset and the Mouse.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

The Arctis 7+ Wireless Headset uses lossless 2.4 GHz wireless audio for ultra-low latency gaming audio, in addition to crisp audio and comms. It’s compatible with pretty much every major gaming system, and it features 30 hours of battery life.

Easy on-ear headset controls and a ClearCast mic equipped with noise-cancellation technology mean that you can piss off all your friends with ease by loudly breathing into the microphone and sounding like you’re a beluga whale on shore leave.

On the subject of audio, as part of Destiny 2 and SteelSeries collaboration, Destiny‘s sound designers have created an equalizer preset specifically for Destiny through SteelSeries’ Sonar Audio Software Suite. This allows users to experience immersive spatial audio and hear the sounds that matter the most.

Destiny 2's Latest Expansion, Lightfall, Launching with Gaming Gear

The Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming Mouse is claimed to be the lightest multi-genre wireless mouse in existence, as it weighs just 74 grams. Sporting 180 hours of battery life, a mere 15-minute charge will provide over 40 minutes of usage. The device also has nine programmable buttons and the TrueMove Air Sensor to provide unparalleled precision and accuracy while gaming.

I could’ve used both of these in the game I’m currently reviewing, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

The Destiny 2 x SteelSeries collection is available at, and for the following MSRPs:

  • Arctis 7+ Wireless HeadsetDestiny 2: Lightfall Edition – North America: $179.99 | Europe, the Middle East, and Africa: €199.99 | Asia Pacific region: $199.99
  • Aerox 5 Wireless Gaming MouseDestiny 2: Lightfall Edition – NA: $149.99 | EMEA: €159.99 | APAC: $159.99
  • QcK Prism XL Mousepad | Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition – NA: $69.99 | EMEA: €69.99 | APAC: $69.99
  • Nova Booster Pack | Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition – NA: $34.99 | EMEA: €34.99 | APAC: $34.99?
  • KontrolFreek Performance Thumbsticks | Destiny 2: Lightfall Edition – NA: $19.99

Lightfall is scheduled to release on February 28, 2023.

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