Articles by Christopher Gavula

USBFever 2-in-One Car/Home 2 port USB Charger

The folks over at USB Fever are now offering a 2-in-one car/home charger for USB devices. The nice thing about this one is that it offers swappable adapters for the U.S./Japan, U.K., Australia/China, and Europe, as well as a standard 12v/24v car lighter connection able to charge 2 USB devices at once.

The 2008 Scion xB Gold Rush Mica Release 5.0

In recent months I’ve been looking at getting a new car.  Actually, at first, I was looking at used cars, but, eventually, I ended up looking at new hatchbacks.  I was replacing a sports car and the point of the exercise was to get a vehicle that would save me gas, and be a little more utilitarian without totally giving up the fun factor.  After doing tons of research on the Internet, I ended up buying a special edition of the 2008 Scion xB – the Gold Rush Mica Release 5.0.

LapLogic Aerogel Extreme – Keepin’ It Cool

If you have a laptop built in the last couple of years, then odds are good that you’ve experienced the heat, maybe even the burn, of having the laptop sit on your lap. Many of the newest laptops get extremely hot, even with internal fans trying to keep the heat down.  LapLogic is offering a cooling solution called the Laplogic Aerogel Extreme that is made with Aerogel (from a company called Aspen) that promises to offer you a more pleasant, cooler, computing experience.

Astraware Bejeweled 2 is a Gem

I like handheld games. I spend a good bit of time playing games on my Windows Mobile handheld and on my Nintendo DS. There have never been, for me, enough good games written for the Windows mobile platform. For all the potential there, the selections have too frequently been knockoffs of each other. A while back, I bought and played the original Bejeweled, and although I enjoyed it, it didn’t exactly “wow” me. It’s gameplay was basically that of match 3-or-more to remove objects. The variation, however, is that more pieces fall into place, and there are special objects that…

So You Want to Buy a Car on The Internet…

I’ve been shopping for a used car. I know exactly what I want. The problem is getting it. The vehicle I want isn’t common in my area, so I turned to the Internet to find one. What’s I’m finding, however, is that outside of buying via ebay, the shopping experience varies widely.

AT&T Palm Centro Review

Last fall, the Palm Centro was launched in the U.S. on the Sprint network. Judie did a review of it and covered everything from the unboxing to her impressions of the device. Rather than repeat covering the basics of this device, I’m going to recommend that you take a look at her review here and here for a basic overview of using the Centro.