Gate 8 Luggage Should Be Your New Travel Buddy

Beginning in mid-December, I spent four weeks traveling non-stop. It began with a trip to Israel and ended with two days in Detroit. I wish I had the Gate 8 Trifold Cabin Bag at the time. The $200 garment bag keeps clothes and toiletries organized and your laptop and tablet safe; it will make your next trip far less stressful.

Gate 8 Luggage Takes (Some of) the Hassle Out of Travel

I just finished a month of travel where I logged over 22,000 miles of flying time. It made clear that having the right gear makes all the difference. Gate 8 Luggage hopes to be that kind of gear. Their “flight-ready” and their $200 Trifold Cabin Bag holds two suits, shoes and other accessories as well as your laptop or tablet.

Balanzza Intros Mini Luggage Scale to Help Avoid Added Luggage Fees

Airline luggage fees have been on my mind this week ever since I spoke to Scott Jordan about his dealing’s with Delta Sky magazine. (Heck, Scott even announced a new product, the Carry-On Coat to take things to the next level.) The fees for bags and extra weight keep growing and the free allotments keep diminishing. In a travel environment like this it is more important than ever to make sure your luggage doesn’t go over the weight limit. A new product makes it easier than ever. The Balanzza Mini, the lightest digital scale in the market, weighs less than…

Balanzza digital airline luggage scale reviewed

Prior to using the Balanzza digital luggage scale I had an awkward way of weighing my luggage before leaving on a trip. In order to meet airline weight limits (typically 50 pounds) I’d try to position my fat suitcase on the bathroom scale. This was an imperfect method because it was nearly impossible to read the weight without shifting the suitcase around on the scale which in turn produced inaccurate readings. When I found the Balanzza luggage scale I had to give it a try to see whether it was a better method than the old bathroom scale.