Video Review: Moshi Moshi 03 Lets You Go Hands Free In Style

Back in April I told you about the Native Union Moshi Moshi 01.   The sleek and sophisticated handsfree unit allow the users to make and receive mobile calls while experiencing the ease of comfort of a landline base. Native Union is out with the next release in the Moshi Moshi line.  The Moshi Moshi 03 draws from the original 01 unit but now adds Bluetooth into the fold.  And…

Review: Native Union Moshi Moshi 02

I enjoy reviewing gear.  I enjoy it even more when the product I’m reviewing just makes sense.  Such is the case with the Native Union Moshi Moshi 02. I still have a land line at home, but I know many people do not.  With today’s unlimited long distance mobile plans and even more companies offering unlimited everything, more and more people are choosing to rely on their mobile phone’s at…

Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock – Review

I reviewed the Moshi Voice Controlled Alarm Clock a few weeks back and was rather impressed. It really works and makes setting the time or the alarm as easy as speaking. Love it! Well, turns out the company also has a travel alarm clock that uses the same voice technology. Here is a look.

Moshi Voice Response Alarm Clock – Review

This is one of those products that kind of snuck up on me. It looked like it was one of those electronic curiosities that catches your eye, leads to an impulse buy and then, within a week, is in a box collecting dust. As it turns out the Moshi Voice Response Alarm Clock works quite well, is remarkably useful and the review unit I was sent can will remain on… Puts a Red Wrapper on Hui’s Apple iPhone

[Editor’s note: This article first appeared in Chinese on the site Past Gear Diary contributor Larry Liaw did the modifications and translated the story for our readers. Larry has done some pretty radical upgrades in the past, most notably to the Palm Treo series; this marks the first time he has shared an iPhone mod with us, and what a mod it is!] And here’s the story… Once upon…