The Moshi VersaCover Mini Origami Case for iPad Mini Retina Review

Since returning from CES, my iPad mini has been inside a green Moshi VersaCover Mini Origami Case. Why did I set aside my leather Orbino for a much less “fancy” case? Simply put, the VersaCover Mini Origami case offers the lightest and most versatile protection I’ve yet found; it also makes my iPad mini easier to use.

The ivee Flex Personal Assistant Video Review

This isn’t the first time we’ve looked at an alarm clock that not only speaks the time but understands when YOU speak. No, two years ago we reviewed the Moshi Travel Alarm Clock, and before that we took a look at the bedside version of it. Despite some limitations both worked fairly well. Yes, voice commands were limited, but once you learned HOW to speak to the clocks they did respond properly most of the time. Fast forward two years, and a new batch of voice-controlled alarm clocks are hitting the market. They come from a company called ivee and…

Moshi iVisor AG for iPhone4 Review: It Works!

When I first got my iPhone4, I chose a set of screen protectors for it that I was familiar with from using on my 3GS. One issue I had with both was how difficult it was to install totally bubble-free. Another issue is the glare and that sometimes my finger would not glide smoothly across the screen. Moshi has come to my rescue. Their new iVisor AG for the iPhone4 is a knockout. When I first received an email from the company handling PR for them I scoffed. Bubble-free, yeah right. First, I love the company name. Moshi. Don’t know…

Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock – Review

I reviewed the Moshi Voice Controlled Alarm Clock a few weeks back and was rather impressed. It really works and makes setting the time or the alarm as easy as speaking. Love it! Well, turns out the company also has a travel alarm clock that uses the same voice technology. Here is a look.

Moshi Voice Response Alarm Clock – Review

This is one of those products that kind of snuck up on me. It looked like it was one of those electronic curiosities that catches your eye, leads to an impulse buy and then, within a week, is in a box collecting dust. As it turns out the Moshi Voice Response Alarm Clock works quite well, is remarkably useful and the review unit I was sent can will remain on my night table once this review is done. Lets take a look at this unusual, and useful, clock. A video demo follows… Puts a Red Wrapper on Hui’s Apple iPhone

[Editor’s note: This article first appeared in Chinese on the site Past Gear Diary contributor Larry Liaw did the modifications and translated the story for our readers. Larry has done some pretty radical upgrades in the past, most notably to the Palm Treo series; this marks the first time he has shared an iPhone mod with us, and what a mod it is!] And here’s the story… Once upon a time, a key webmaster of “”, Hui, owned an iPhone 3G and was happy with its features and elegant looks. He used it for texting, messaging, gaming, web surfing…