TYLT POWERPLANT Universal Battery Pack Lets Lightning Strike… Twice

Yesterday we took a look at the Just Mobile Gum++ Backup Battery. It’s a great accessory but requires you to supply your own cable. Today we are taking a look at TYLT’s POWERPLANT Portable Back-Up Charger Lighting. The $89.99 battery is small, powerful and includes a built-in Lightning connector and a universal USB port. Plus, it looks great!

Tough It Out with the TYLT RUGGD for iPhone 5C

If you are looking to protect your iPhone 5C without putting it into a huge bulky case, then you’ll want to check out the TYLT RUGGD for iPhone 5C. Built to keep your colorful iPhone safe, it offers triple protection for the phone’s ever-vulnerable corners. It will be available in black and lime for just $34.99. Learn more here.

Power and Protect with the TYLT ENERGI Power Case for the iPhone 5/5s

Battery cases that protect and recharge iPhones are great during CES, but the bulk and extra weight aren’t always right for every day use. That’s where the TYLT¬†ENERGI Power Case for the iPhone 5/5s can help. It gives you two snap on minimalist cases AND an extended slide on battery — just $99.99 for all three. TYLT describes this battery/case system in the following manner: The ENERGI Case with slide on battery is made for the real world. And with slim battery technology we only add 9mm to the thickness of the iPhone, you barely know you are carrying 9…

TYLT Y-CHARGE + SYNCABLE Keeps You and Your Gear Going

Keeping your gear going is a challenge of modern mobile life and the accessories that help keep gear charged is usually far from exciting or stylish. TYLT is seeking to change that with their Y-CHARGE + SYNCABLE. The Lightning version is $49.99 while the microUSB version is just $29.99. 

TYLT BAND for the iPhone 5C Review – Colorful Protection

If you are looking to add a bit of color and protection to your iPhone 5C, then you’ll want to check out the TYLT BAND. For just $34.95, the BAND wraps your iPhone 5C in a case that is rugged yet flexible. The impact resistant shell may not look like much, but it offers decent protection. You can pre-order now.

TYLT Sliding PowerCase for the iPhone 5S First Look

TYLT’s Sliding PowerCase for the iPhone 5/5S is an interesting product. It comes with two minimalist cases in different colors. When the battery runs down you simply slide the phone, case and all, into the battery and recharge. At under $100 it is a great option for iPhone power users. The full review is coming. Here’s a video first look.