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October 17, 2013 • Reviews

TYLT Y-CHARGE + SYNCABLE Keeps You and Your Gear Going

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Keeping your gear going is a challenge of modern mobile life and the accessories that help keep gear charged is usually far from exciting or stylish. TYLT is seeking to change that with their Y-CHARGE + SYNCABLE. The Lightning version is $49.99 while the microUSB version is just $29.99. Check out all four of the cool colors.

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The Y-CHARGE + SYNCABLE is actually two products in one. There is the Y-CHARGE USB car adapter, and then there is the USB to Lightning SYNCABLE. Each product actually stands on its own quite nicely. And yes, you can purchase each separately. Let’s look at each.

The Y-CHARGE is a Y-shaped car power adapter. And while the design looks cool, there is actually a real purpose to it since “the Y-design routes USB cables to the left and right side of the charger”. It has two USB ports and it can indeed charge two smartphones simultaneously. If you are charging a tablet you’ll only be able to charge one at a time, though.


Now, there is a bit of a tradeoff to be made here. I tend to use a USB car adapter that has a low profile, one that all but disappears into the console of my car. The Y-CHARGE is not only fairly large in order to accommodate the two USB ports, but is also comes in four different colors, three of which make a fairly loud statement. In other words, if you don’t mind your USB adapter being a “presence”, you will love the Y-CHARGE. If you do mind it, then you’ll want to take a pass.

The second half of the TYLT Y-CHARGE + SYNCABLE duo is the two foot cable. It is thick, flat and comes in the same color as the Y-CHARGE. I love the tangle free design of the cable, but I did find that the thick part of the Lightning connector is a bit TOO thick for cases that have only a small opening around the port.

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Mobile charging accessories aren’t all that exciting. Still, I can’t help but love what TYLT did when designing the Y-CHARGE + SYNCABLE. It does its job quite well, and it looks cool in the process. Get yours here.

MSRP: $49.99

What I Like: Looks great; Heavy duty build; Cable won’t get tangled; Charges two devices at once

What Needs Improvement: Y-CHARGE makes its presence pretty well known; Lightning connector may not work with all cases

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

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