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Sponsoring a Gear Diary contest or Give-Away

Contests and give-aways are fun, and they not only generate activity on Gear Diary, they also generate interest in your product. We enjoy holding contests and give-aways on a regular basis, because…well, because it makes our readers happy to win things, and we like making our readers happy!

If your company would like to participate in a Gear Diary contest or give-away, then feel free to contact us.

Past contest have included items received from Skooba Design, Vaja, HTC, Ultimate Ears, BlueAnt Wireless, Nokia, Lenovo, Sony, and many others. You can consider yourself in great company when you sponsor a contest or give-away on Gear Diary!

Banner Advertising Inquiries

Our banner advertising is handled through NetShelter; please contact them with any inquiries. Thank you! =)





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