Need a boost? The Tekkeon myPower Go MP1500 Review

It never fails at the airport… I always observe some frantic person with their cell phone on life support status ? the familiar beep ? beep ? beep of a dying battery. While not as frustrasting as a dead battery in a car, having power to spare is a good thing. Of course there are disposable battery boosters conveniently for sale at a healthy markup (regularly $7.00 for $19.95) at the airport gift shop!

Tekkeon has a solution for those in dire straits ? the myPower Go MP1500. Using four AA batteries, the MP1500 provides the emergency power needed for cell phones. Included are ten adaptors for various phones such as the Blackberry, Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson.

The MP1500 is pretty straightforward and versatile. Weighing in at 4.5 ounces with batteries at 2.5? (W) x 3.2? (L) x .7? (D), the battery pack not only provides resuscitation for a dying cell phone, but also an iPod, Bluetooth headsets, PDAs, Palm Treos, digital cameras and other devices with available adaptors which can be ordered from Tekkeon’s web site with a full list of supported devices.

myPower Go emergency mobile power approximation chart based on four batteries; your mileage may vary.

Small and lightweight, the myPower Go doubles as a battery charger using four AA rechargeable batteries powered via the USB port.

There is a test light showing the battery strength via the four green LEDS on the top cover.

The coiled USB extends easily from six to 12 inches and 18 inches with tension; just long enough to slip in a purse or pants pocket while connected to a device.

As illustrated, the Motorola RAZR charges immediately with easy plug and charge. Since all of the Tekkeon adaptor tips originate with a USB connection, the Motorola RAZR (or any other device) could also be charged via the laptop’s USB port while powered on using a electrical outlet.

Replenishing the four rechargeable AA batteries takes about six hours when connected to a USB port. However, purchasing a pack of AA batteries along with the myPowerGO will provide the immediate emergency power needed.

The compact design of the myPower Go MP1500 with adaptor tips with the included pouch is perfect for travelers. Considering the myPower Go is a NON-deposable battery booster, a battery recharger with the flexibility to charge a variety of devices, at $19.95, it?s the perfect inexpensive spare ?tire? for most any 5 volt device you choose to carry in your gear bag. Just add batteries.

Excuse me for a minute – looks like that person over there could use a power boost…

The myPower Go MP1500 is available directly from the manufacturer and from other major retailers.

MRSP: $19.95

What I Like: Versatility with adaptors. Battery charger function. Light weight.

What Needs Improvement: None

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  1. Tyler Puckett | April 18, 2007 at 3:43 pm |

    Does it require rechargeable batteries, or will standard AA cells work in a pinch?

  2. Hi Tyler – standard AA batteries will work – that’s what cool about this charger – its flexibility; for the price of a booster OR a recharger OR a specific power cord – the myPowerGO works as advertised.

    AA batteries are plentiful; so I carry a bulk lot of AA’s along with the myPowerGo in my gear bag…

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