Harry’s New Body Washes Are Fab

I love my Harry’s bi-monthly shipments.  Even better is Harry’s has been available at Target and I saw it at a couple Walmart stores as well. Finally, Harry’s is adding other products to help keep your man smell great with their new body wash and bar soap in Shiso, Fig, and Stone scents!

Harry's New Body Washes Are Fab

I went to Target to grab an extra shave gel as this is a Harry’s month; I was running low and wouldn’t make it until my next shipment arrived. So I was surprised to see three new Harry’s products at Target and that were three different body wash scents.  So, of course, I went to check out the new products on the Harry’s website and noticed they’ve also added a bar soap. Now not only can you be clean-shaven, but you can also smell good.

Harry's New Body Washes Are Fab

While I didn’t buy all three scents, I did buy the Shiso and the Stone scents, and I have used both over the last couple days. My favorite of the two scents of body wash is the Shiso, but I really like the Stone as well! The Shiso scent has an herbal smell and is not at all feminine; it’s just a manly herbal smell that kind of reminds me a little of sage but it definitely is something I like! The Stone smells very citrusy, and you catch the minerals in there as well.  While it’s not my favorite of the two I bought, I do like it too! The third is the Fig scent. Harry’s says this one has blood orange in it, and while I didn’t like the scent in the store enough to buy it I’d be willing to bet it could be popular with many guys. None of these are flowery scents, and they do a good job getting you clean.

These body washes are $7  dollars per bottle.  This is a bit pricey, but it does smell good and it’s a good alternative. What’s nice is that you can add them on to your Harry’s plan or you can even subscribe so that you get body wash along with your shaving stuff.

Harry's New Body Washes Are Fab

The bar soap is only $4 a bar, and they are also available in the same three scents.

You can get these either via the Harry’s website  or Target.

Source: Personal Purchase

What I Like: Smells good. Better scents than a lot of other men’s products

What Needs Improvement: A bit pricey


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