The Vaja UMPC Case Review

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I have a weakness for small leather goods. I love bags and pouches and cases more than your average bear. (Wow! It feels good to get that off my chest.)

As a leather lover, I have long been aware of Vaja and the magnificent cases they make. My problem has always been that I never seem to have a phone that is popular enough with other people to make it worth Vaja’s while to create a custom case. (Check out their i-volution cases…they are to die for!)


You can then imagine how excited I was when they launched their UMPC cases, the smallest of which would fit my HTC Advantage.


Vaja’s leather is some of the finest you’ll see (or touch!) and the cases come in a myriad of color choices. Alas, my test unit came in a color they call Brownie. Yes, I know. Beggars can’t be choosers. But this color is a little…I don’t know how else to say it…poopie. I am sure some people will think Brownie is the pinnacle of perfection, so I won’t let this turn into a diatribe on color selection.


Yes, the price you see at the bottom right of this photo is correct. The case is $140 as tested. If I had a $2000 OQO UMPC, $140 would be a small price to pay for protection, and remember this case is designed for UMPCs, not my Advantage. That being said, the Advantage fits like a dream.


The case came well-protected in a nice box with tissue and a great advertising piece for their other products.


The front flap contains two small magnetized snaps.


When the case is closed, there is no way your device is coming out. It is safe and secure.

The bottom of the case is rigid and reinforced but I can’t tell you with what because it is between the cloth lining and the leather. My guess is plastic.

After a month of daily use, the leather still looks perfect and feels great.

If you want the best in luxury leather protection for your expensive electronics, you would be hard pressed to beat the Vaja.

So why did I stop using it?

I found the snaps a little hard to line up and close. The flap is almost the length of the case and I found it a bit unwieldy for going in and out during a day on the run. I have gone back to my pouch style case strictly for ease of use for quick slides in and out. (Oh yea, and it’s red.)

Where to get it: Vaja Cases

MSRP: $140
What I liked: Great leather quality, lots of color choices, beautiful finish
What I didn’t like: Best suited for a device that you aren’t pulling in and out a lot

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