LAbesace CLASSIC Laptop Bag REVIEW

Trust me, I’m really trying my best to quit hauling around so many gadgets in my backpack. A 13” MacBook, power cable, mouse, 2 pens, iPod, iMuffs wireless headphone, JawBone headset, a smartphone of the week, Tekkeon battery charger, various cables, business cards and a legal pad are my bare minimums. Oops! I forgot the digital camera! What was I thinking! I stuff all of these items in my Swiss Army backpack to and from work. Of course I throw in a couple of books, a brown bag lunch, gloves, stocking cap, and many more items. The other day, I saw my reflection in a glass window. I looked like a modern day pack mule. It’s time to slim things down!

Last month I was in California for a conference located in the same hotel. It was precisely then that I had the perfect use for the ScottVest Fleece Jacket. Let’s take a look at this laptop bag designed for the 13” MacBook.

By taking the time to decide on the essentials to stay tethered to the Internet, I realized I could pretty much take what I needed in the LAbesace CLASSIC. It was ridiculous to carry an oversized backpack to and from meeting rooms when a functional and compact laptop bag would do the trick.


Manufactured by The LAbesace is available, a manufacturer of multimedia accessories based in Paris, France, this compact laptop bag adequately carries a 13” MacBook safely and securely with room for the essentials. The laptop fits in an opening with Hi-density padding up to 8mm thickness. There is a Velcro strap that keeps the laptop in place.


Because of the curve design at the corners, there’s about a 1” overlap that catches the edges of the notebook. A standard issue 12” MacBook or any 13” notebook with a depth of 9” fits in the case with ease.


In front is a slot for a legal pad; to the left is a pocket to fit a CD in a jewel case, pockets for three pens, and a business card holder and beneath, 4 slots for note cards.

The bottom of the case curves up with a stiff backing between the rainproof hi-quality 1682D nylon fabric. According to the website the linings are made of 420D nylon rip stop material.


There’s room for a power adaptor, a zipper pocket to carry some USB cords and a larger zippered pocket on the flap.

There are a couple of exterior pockets secured by zippers that are useful for quick access flat items like a passport or plane ticket.


The LAbesace uses metal hardware on the shoulder straps and waterproof zippers. While the hi-grade nylon shoulder webbing doesn’t have any shoulder padding, there’s not a lot of weight that can be carried in the bag, so it wasn’t uncomfortable to carry.

The LAbesace is designed like a shell to encase of the necessities within its curved lines. The lining features high quality stitching throughout. There are two trendy colors available; be-ez PDF product eCatalog available here and orange. The black exterior is neatly trimmed out in white cording.

I do admit I was hesitant to use this LAbesace, as it’s so… fashionable. I got to tell you, it works well carrying most of my items, minus the digital camera, which I carry on my belt. Over the years, I’ve been accustomed to the typical mountain climbing backpack look or the corporate leather bags, that I’ve decided the LAbesace is NOT a man purse. Besides, it matches my black hoodie or my GearDiary approved ScottVest Fleece Jacket nicely. It’s a good change of pace and an upgrade from a standard issue messenger bag that offer next to none in protection. I trust carrying my MacBook with the protection offered in the LAbesace bag. It’s the fashionable thing to do these days!

Outer Dimensions:?39 x 29 x 13 cm

The LAbesace is available from specialty retailers, college bookstores and

be-ez PDF product eCatalog available here

MRSP: $69.99

What I Like: The curved design holds enough essentials – not too much or little. Great quality of the materials used and the stitching throughout. Light weight and durable bag.

What Needs Improvement: Providing a padded shoulder strap as an option.

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  1. Heatwave316 | March 25, 2008 at 7:34 pm |

    Professional yet fashionable…excellent. I’m definitely checking out their website. Plus, not too expensive. It seems like all the great bags are at least $100.

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