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As summer is approaching, I often don’t have a handy pocket that I can stick my MP3 player into since I’m no longer wearing a coat. Sure, I can wear a shirt with a pocket on the front, but then I couldn’t wear a lot of my wardrobe since I have a plethora of polo shirts I wear to work. The StrapWrap from DLO is a handy instant pocket that you can put on any bag’s strap that you might be carrying.

DLO StrapWrap

Picture courtesy of DLO

The StrapWrap is made of neoprene and is very durable.  To attach it to a bag’s strap, you clip the stability strap onto a buckle or D ring on your bag, and then wrap it around the bag’s strap and close the Velcro.  Then stick your iPod, MP3 Player or cellphone – or whatever you want – into the wrap.  I tried it with my MP3 Player, my iPod Nano and my LG enV, and they all fit comfortably.  The second pocket won’t accommodate a second device, but will hold a bluetooth headset or a pair of ear buds well.

DLO StrapWrap being Wrapped

The stability strap will protect the device and prevent it from falling off the bag’s strap in case you accidentally open the velcro closure.  During my testing period, I never snagged the velcro, and the stability strap simply kept the StrapWrap from sliding up and down the bag’s strap; the StrapWrap stayed in place the whole time I used it.

You would think without a strap at the top of the pocket to hold things in that the device might pop out of the pocket, but I had no issues with this.  No matter what I put into the pocket, it stayed put the whole time I was using it, and this included taking the bag off and on at the bus, and walking from my house to the bus stop, and from the bus stop to my office.  Let’s just say that the StrapWraps’s been thoroughly tested, and I have never had the wrap come off or the device pop out.

DLO StrapWrap on my strap.

DLO‘s StrapWrap is available for $19.99 at various retailers, or direct at DLO’s Website.

What I like: It’s convenient.  I can strap it to almost any bag’s strap, carry my MP3 player, and be able to get to it any time I need to.  This beats using the headphone port on a laptop bag any day.

What needs improvement: I’d like to see a small strap on the top just to give a little extra security;  I didn’t have any devices pop out, but I wouldn’t mind the extra security.

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