Review: Hyundai PC / Notebook Angled Mini high-powered Microphone from USB Fever


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Are you sick and tired of people complaining that they can’t hear you during Skype phone calls?  Have people been telling you that you sound like you’re in a tin can? If so, then maybe this little microphone is for you.

 Hyundai PC / Notebook Angled Mini high-powered Microphone

The above pic is the microphone attached to my Lenovo T60. The microphone measures approximately 2″ long x 1/2″ wide, and it is composed of plastic; I like that it’s very small and takes up hardly any space in my bag.

The microphone is plug and play, so no drivers are needed. I found that sound quality was pretty good during Skype calls. I was impressed that I could sit up straight and talk in a normal volume, and the microphone picked up everything I said just fine.

 Hyundai PC / Notebook Angled Mini high-powered Microphone in my iTalk Pro

Above is a picture of the microphone attached to the microphone port on my Griffin iTalkPro.  Recordings I have made with it on the iPod/iTalk Pro combo have also sounded pretty good.  One thing that I found to be much better when using this microphone, versus the internal microphone, was the lessening of wind noise on the recording; this microphone helped cut the wind noise down.  If needed, it is also possible to make a windscreen for this microphone by taking a foam headphone pad and stretching it around the mic with a rubber band.

Click on the links below for examples with and without the microphone recorded on my Griffin iTalkPro:

Recorded with the Hyundai PC / Notebook Angled Mini high-powered Microphone

Recorded without the Hyundai PC / Notebook Angled Mini high-powered Microphone

So did I like the microphone?  Yeah I did!  I think it’s nifty.  You could put this in your bag and you would not feel any extra weight.  Plus it’s better than talking into your laptop and spewing germs all over it.

The Hyundai PC / Notebook Angled Mini high-powered Microphone is available at

MSRP: $9.99

What I liked: It’s small; good quality for the price, but not up to a studio microphone quality (which I expected); for podcast recording, it works just fine; it doesn’t do miracles, but it gets the job done

What needs improvement: Nothing.  It’s cheap and it works as intended

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