Put some sizzle in your flossing habits – Bacon flavored dental floss

Put some sizzle in your flossing habits - Bacon flavored dental floss

This one’s too bizarre to pass up. Is there really a market for bacon flavored dental floss? Every time I visit my dentist they trot out the “so, do you floss regularly?” question. And every year I duck it by lying about my flossing frequency. I’m not so sure that bacon flavoring would get me to floss any more regularly. If you have a bacon fetish – check out bacon mints, and bacon toothpicks. Good gosh, how I wish I were making this all up.

via: Nerd Approved

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Wayne is a diehard Android user and consultant specializing in Sage 100 ERP Accounting Software. He lives in Glastonbury CT with his two children. When not helping them with their homework or pushing the latest school fundraiser off on his co-workers, he is active hiking and investigating all manner of technology.
  • I don’t know about anyone else. but when bacon toothpaste comes out — I’m in for a tube!

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  • ick! no thanks!! 😛

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  • Larry Elam

    @Wayne – No, the toothpaste with be cheeseburger flavored. That way when you floss you upgrade to bacon cheeseburger. Now they just need to make milk-shake flavored mouthwash and I’m ready for bed 🙂

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  • That’s just nasty… 😛

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  • Now we just need a kosher version!

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  • Try loading this floss into a Gripit Floss Holder (www.gripit.biz). That way you can taste the bacon without having to put your fingers in your mouth.

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  • That is the perfect thing to use after you eat my bacon chocolate chip cookies!


    And yes, I have developed a reputation as the woman who will put bacon in anything. I found recipes for Bacon Vodka and Bacon Ice Cream as well. We have a saying in my house:

    Everything’s better with bacon!

  • @Aura Mae Say it ain’t so! 😆 Bacon ice cream?!

  • meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    i totally want some

  • @shrued @dotsonc Bacon-flavored gum. RT @swt_sinny: http://tinyurl.com/597ks7