Tanita KD 400 Digital Scale Review

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If you’re looking for a compact scale that’s easy to use and simple to store – here’s a nice option from Tanita. With only two buttons on the front, the Tanita KD-400 is easy enough for people of all ages to use. You can measure weight in 1g increments – up to a maximum of 11lbs. How well did it work?

Measuring doesn’t get any easier than this! Two buttons on the front control all the functions of the Tanita KD 400.

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The Tanta KD-400 digital scale is an attractive contemporary stainless design design that would compliment any kitchen. I found it appealing and especially like that it folds into a compact size for easy storage.

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The device’s calibrations were accurate and the display screen clearly visible. It operates on a CR2032 or 5004LC battery which is included. Items can be weighed in 1g increments up to a maximum of 11 lbs.

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The manufacturer recommends to only clean this with a damp cloth and no chemicals (rubbing alcohol is ok). One of the things that you can do is use a bowl or some other container to hold the item to be weighed. Since the Tanita supports the ability to automatically subtract out the weight of a container, you’ll easily be able to weigh just about anything placed in a container accurately.

For families with small children this would be a fun thing to have around the house when learning the weight and measurement systems. Teachers may even consider this in their classroom just for this purpose. Overall, this scale is perfect for the no-frills consumer looking for a basic and reliable scale.

Link: The Competitive Edge

Price: $59

What I Like:
– compact design
– stainless steel
– simple to use interface

What Could Be Improved:
– include a top to cover the stainless steel when weighing food that may raise contamination concerns

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