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People who are on-the-go will always appreciate portable syncing and charging solutions, which is why I was pleased to recently open a box from OrionGadgets that contained just that, along with a bonus. Inside I found a Retractable MultiCharge USB Sync & Charge Travel Kit and a 3.5mm Audio Extension AUX Cable (Male to Male). Let’s take a look at them…

Retractable MultiCharge USB Sync & Charge Travel Kit

The travel kit is composed of the OrionGadgets USB Sync & Charge Cable and a Multicharge AC and Car Adapter.

The first item in the kit is the sync & charge cable. Like many I have reviewed in the past, this one measures approximately 4.5″ long when wound…

…and it opens to approximately 3 feet long when both sides are equally tugged; it is retracted by tugging both ends.

Using this device allows you to sync and charge your phone or PDA from any laptop or desktop’s USB port. Even if you never travel this is a handy tool to use at your desk, as it eliminates the need for a longer (and messier) cable. My favorite use for this particular retractable cable is downloading photos from my cameras’ miniUSB port directly to my MacBook Air.

However, it’s when you couple the sync & charge cable with the next item that you should be able to take advantage of any mobile device charging opportunity.

The MultiCharge AC/Car Adapter is an approximately 5″ long x 1.5″ wide x 1.5″ deep, black plastic charger that accepts USB cables and powers them via AC or a car’s power port. A black plastic cap protects the car charger when it is not in use, and an LED on the front glows red to let you know that power is flowing.

The AC plug swivels down or up, depending upon whether or not it is needed.

The beauty of a charger like this is that you don’t have to carry two separate chargers; the same charging device will work on a plane, in an automobile, or in a wall charger.

– Wall Voltage Input: 100V to 220VAC (variable)
– Car Voltage Input: 12V to 24V (variable)
– Voltage Output: 5.0V ± 0.25V
– Current Output: 1Amp
– Weight: Aprox. 1.8 oz
– MultiCharge Adapter is UL and CE certified

My one issue with this particular multicharger, and make no mistake about it – it is a major one, is that I was only able to get it to power on briefly (as in a short flash of red LED, but no charging icon on my device) when it was plugged into a wall socket. However, it worked perfectly through the car charger in my truck. Grrr.

I am not sure what the issue was, but I tried it with the both of the two multichargers I was sent, and in multiple wall sockets neither’s wall charger would work properly. There doesn’t appear to be a button that needs pressing or a secret handshake that needs learning, so I have no idea why they both failed to work.

This particular kit is made to use with any miniUSB device, not just the AT&T Tilt mentioned on the product page.

The Retractable MultiCharge USB Sync & Charge Travel Kit is available directly from OrionGadgets.
MSRP: $14.99
What I like: No need to have a long miniUSB sync & charge cable on your desk, this one keeps things neat; ability to charge from wall socket or car/airplane chargers; small compact kit
What Needs Improvement: I could not get the wall charger to work in multiple wall sockets, which is obviously a major problem

3.5mm Audio Extension AUX Cable (Male to Male)

If you have one of the many HTC devices which didn’t come with a 3.5mm stereo jack, but which use a miniUSB all-in-one port instead, then you know that it can be a challenge to listen to MP3s stored on your device through a traditional 3.5mm aux-in port on a car or home stereo. It’s no longer an issue, if you have the 3.5mm Audio Extension AUX cable.

Check it out…

I’m pleased to report that this cable works exactly as expected, and I can’t recommend it highly enough for those who store MP3s on their PDA / PDA phones.
The 3.5mm Audio Extension AUX Cable (Male to Male) is available directly from OrionGadgets.
MSRP: $10.00
What I like: Allows you to plug a miniUSB jack port device (i.e. many of the current HTC PDA Phones into a 3.5mm aux-in on your computer, car, or home stereo.
What Needs Improvement: Nothing; it works perfectly

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