The Jetart NP8800 miniStand Notebook Cooler Review

We’ve covered quite a few laptop coolers and stands here on Gear Diary, and a fair share of them have been from Jetart. The one I am reviewing today is their latest NP8800 miniStand, which is certainly one of the smallest and most totable fan-cooled stands I have ever tried…

Made to work with 7″ to 15.4″ laptops, the miniStand features a single USB driven fan which is housed in its red and black plastic body. Measuring approximately 8.6″ long (when closed) x 3.5″ wide x 0.75″ thick, and weighing 4.6 ounces, the miniStand is small enough to easily tuck into an empty laptop bag pocket.

The front features two flippable foot pads…

…which swing open to help keep the user’s laptop from sliding.

Turning the stand over reveals the approximately 17″ long USB cable which is neatly wrapped and tucked into its spindle. Two support legs are stored in the folded down position.

Before use, they will need to be flipped open.

This is where the miniStand gets its ability to work with any 7″ to 15.4″ laptop: the sides can be extended so that the total length of the cooler is up to 12″ wide. This space-saving design is simply brilliant!

When the stand is extended, and the foot pads and stands have been flipped open, the stand is ready for use. All that’s left is to pull the USB cable out of the spindle and then plug it into an available port.

Application: 7″ ~ 15.4″ Notebooks
Voltage: DC 5.0 V
Current: 0.13 A
Power Consumption: 0.7 W
Power Supply: USB Cable
Fan Speed: 2300 R. P. M.
Noise: 20 dBA

On the MacBook Air, there is only one USB port; since the laptop is raised to a more comfortable keying position, and air is already better able to circulate, you may decide that this in itself is enough. But if you want the full experience, it is a simple matter to plug the USB cable in and enjoy the immediate benefits of the cool, quietly circulating air.

I really like the compact design of the miniStand, and I’ve decided that it will enjoy a spot in my gearbag for some time. If you know someone who enjoys a raised keyboard on their laptop, and who would appreciate the added benefit of fan cooling, look no further than the Jetart NP8800.

The Jetart NP8800 miniStand Notebook Cooler is available directly from the manufacturer.

MSRP: $20.99
What I Like: Very portable; raises laptop to a comfortable keying position; keeps laptop cool with quietly circulating air
What Needs Improvement: Nothing; it works exactly as intended

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