Sena Sarach Ultraslim for iPhone 4 Review

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Yesterday we took a look at Sena’s Argyle for iPhone 4. Today we’ll take a look at another of their pouch-style cases- the Sena Serach Ultraslim for iPhone 4. If you use your iPhone with just a Clear-Coat type film on it (or nothing at all) this might be just the right protection for those times you toss your iPhone in a pocket or briefcase. It is slim, good looking and highly protective of the delicate device. Let’s take a look.

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From Sena-

The Sarach UltraSlim case is a part of the unique Sarach Designer Series by Sena. It is one of our thinnest pouches and features a hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitched design offering a personalized hand stitched look. It is individually handcrafted from the finest Italian Napa pebble leather with Sena’s well-known quality and strong attention to detail. The slim curve hugging leather and micro velvet lining is as close to nothing as you can get while still providing protection for your iPhone 4. The Sarach UltraSlim is offered in a wide variety of two-tone colors. It is perfect for the individual who carries their iPhone 4 in their pant or jacket pocket or in a purse. It offers slim protective functionality with luxurious designer style. The entire Sarach Designer Series offers protective functionality with luxurious designer style.

The Sarach UltraSlim combines two great styles from Sena. This custom hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitched design offers a personalized hand stitched look.

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Hand-sewn two-tone saddle-stitched design

Fine quality, full grain Napa Leather

Ultra slim design

Light zero bulk protective layer

Soft micro velvet lining

Cutouts for speaker and microphone

Stitching along opening for added detail

Thinnest pouch Sena offers

Great for pockets or purses

Sena craftsmanship and quality

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The Sarach Ultraslim is simplicity defined. Made from one single piece of leather, it is hand-sewn with a saddle stitched design that gives it’s otherwise plain-Jane look a high degree of aesthetic interest. But the loose stitching does something more than simply add vision interest.
The slightly textured (and as always gorgeous) leather combined with the loose, raised stitching make it easy to grab the case and keep a good hold on it.

There are a number of color combinations from which to choose bt I am really quite fond of the Brown/Beige combination Sena sent as the review unit. When I first saw it up close and personal I couldn’t help but scratch my head and think to myself, “Self, where have I seen this before??”


Unfortunately you may not be any more successful than I was in figuring it out. 🙂

The pouch holds the iPhone snuggly so, just as with the Argyle, this case is designed for an iPhone that does not have a bumper or similar case permanently on it. You are talking about using this with a naked iPhone or one with a clear skin only.

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In another example of Sena’s eye for detail the Sarach has two holes at the bottom of the case. They are positioned in such a way that they line up with the microphone and speaker and allow sound to flow to and from the iPhone when it is inside. In fact, I recorded a voice note while putting the iPhone into it and the sound was just fine. The same went for listening to music while it was inside the Sarach.

In all this is a beautiful pouch-style case for the iPhone 4 that offers simplicity, style and a bit of a unique appearance. As with the Argyle, since I keep a bumper on my iPhone I can’t use this particular case but I would be the first in line for one if Sena offered a slightly larger model designed for an iPhone with a bumper or thin case. After all, even with the bumper I don’t love tossing my iPhone in a bag or pocket. In this pouch I wouldn’t have to give it a second thought.

The Sena Sarach Ultraslim for iPhone 4 is available directly from Sena in white, black/grey, brown/beige, white/red and red/cream.

MSRP: $39.95

What I Like: Looks great; offers a nice tight fit around the phone; holes on the bottom leave the microphone and speaker free

What Needs Improvement: Can;t be used with Apple’s bumper

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