We take the iStik magnetic 3G Nano case out for 26 miles of road testing


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When the people from iStik contacted us to test a new magnetic iPod Nano cases I was intrigued. They claim it holds your Nano tightly to your clothes via a set of four magnets that attach through your clothing. I was a little skeptical. Would these magnets really hold an iPod Nano 3G with all the jolting that occurs during a run? Even worse, if the magnets didn’t hold the case – you’d be left carrying an iPod during a lengthy exercise session. Since I’m not a runner, I had to rely on two eager volunteers. First up – my sister Lynn volunteers to take the iStik for a 26 mile workout… [UPDATE: Congrats to Lynn on finishing her first triathlon on 9-7-2008 – video here]

The design of the iStik is pretty simple. It’s a case with a magnetic backing. You put another set of magnets inside your clothing. This acts to hold the front and back of the case together through your clothing. There are no clips or other attachments required. The case is held onto your clothing purely by magnetic power.

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In order to test this case, Lynn took it out on a running and biking workout. She’s in the midst of training for a marathon and this type of clip is perfect for anyone who works out but does not want the bulk of a clip style case which attaches to clothing and may fall off at the wrong time.

lynn bike istik.jpg

So what did it work like in actual testing? Here’s her feedback after using it:

Great product. Works as promised.

Didn’t move one millimeter while exercising with this iPod holder.

The only downside—and it’s not much of a downside–is that it can be a little difficult to get the holder closed after placing the iPod in it.

It is kind of like Tupperware—you get one corner lined up and the opposite corner pops opened. Only took a minute to actually get closed but it seemed as though it should have been easier.

Magnets worked fantasticly. I tested it running and biking and my daughter used it while riding her horse.

Perfect each and every test! Great product!!

iStik biking.jpg

iStick Magnetic Case for iPod 2G & 3G Nano

Price: $24.95

What we liked:
– It works beautifully
– It works beautifully while running a marathon
– It works beautifully while riding a horse

What could be improved:
– Easier to insert iPod

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Wayne Schulz
Wayne is a diehard Android user and consultant specializing in Sage 100 ERP Accounting Software. He lives in Glastonbury CT with his two children. When not helping them with their homework or pushing the latest school fundraiser off on his co-workers, he is active hiking and investigating all manner of technology.

7 Comments on "We take the iStik magnetic 3G Nano case out for 26 miles of road testing"

  1. Wayne,

    I’m a marathoner too and this case intrigues me.

    Would you mind asking her if she experienced any sort of chaffing from the magnetic side of the case rubbing on her skin while running? It seems to me this might be an issue with this case.


  2. No chaffing whatsoever. I really didnt’ even know I had it on. Although I wear compression type tops so they dont’ slide around much anyhow. My husband used it as well and did not have an issue with it. And to clarify—we do not do 26 miles. We are doing a sprint triathlon so I dont’ run more than 3 miles—but I run after the 13 mile bike ride so I’m pretty sweaty by then and I’d think chaffing would occur anyhow during the run even if only 3 miles. But, no problems at all. Great product.

  3. Great review and fab action pictures! Good luck with your triathlon, and thanks for being Wayne’s tester, Lynn! 😀

  4. Wow, that looks like it would be weird to me. In fact, since I seem to be changing volumes, or rewinding back or fast-forwarding through podcasts when I run, that looks like it would be a little awkward to use. I guess especially for guys who do not wear tight-fitting workout clothes, I guess.

    For me, the arm band works best. But, to each his own, I guess.

  5. Hey Lynn – how easy is it to pop that think off your shirt, select some music, and put it back on??

  6. My wife would really useone of these. She’s got one of those arm strap things for her Classic, and it’s pretty bulky. Are they going to make other “models”, Wayne?

    Oh, and the magnets don’t affect the workings of the iPod/battery at all, huh?


  7. It has a super strong magnet to it. You could easily pull it off while running and switch out a song—but be prepared that the back of it is under your shirt and will drop down and out if it is untucked. And it does not take any lining anything up to put back in place—just get the iPod in the general area of the back and it’s going right to it. I was completely unfamiliar with this iPod as it was my daughters (I use a Shuffle usually) but once I figured out which was the fast forward button, I just touched it without looking and it was no problem at all to switch to new song. Same with volume—no issue at all. I can’t imagine that you would need to remove that player from your chest/waist/back at all while you are doing your activity. It is a fantastic idea/product.

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