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I just recently got back from a business trip to Reston, VA.  Along with me I had meant to take the pillow I’m reviewing today, but for some reason it did not make it into my bag.  Fortunately for me, my flight wasn’t that long. When I go to Tennessee for my holiday in the Smokies, I fully intend to make sure that the TravelRest Pillow is in my bag.

This is what the TravelRest Pillow looks like when it’s not in use.  Unlike most of those horseshoe shaped pillows, the TravelRest is inflatable.  When you’re not using it, the pillow rolls into a package about the size of a pair of hiking socks.

When you’re ready to snooze, you just take it out of your bag, give it a few puffs and then you’ll have a pillow that is 30″ long x 6″ wide.

The rope on the end of the pillow is adjustable, so you can tether the pillow to the back of your chair or airplane seat.  That way if you happen to move your head, the pillow stays put.  You can also use the tether to hang the pillow from around your neck if you don’t want to put it in your carry-on.

As you can see here, the pillow even works well on the bus;  I ride the bus everyday and occasionally I like to catch a few light winks.  This is way more comfortable then putting my head on the cold, hard window.

As the holiday season approaches, you may want to carry something along to help you stay comfortable while traveling, and the TravelRest Pillow fits the bill.  It’s compact, easy to inflate and easy to stow away when dashing between connections.  The TravelRest Pillow is also very useful for long car trips.  I recommend this pillow over the stuffed horseshoe ones, because with will take up hardly any space in your bag.

The TravelRest Pillow is available at for $26.95 plus shipping.  It’s available in 3 different colors: Grey, Red or Blue; I received the Blue one.

What I liked: It’s small, comfortable and light.  You won’t feel the added wait in your bag.

What I didn’t care for: There was a instruction sticker that peeled off after a couple uses.  Would be better if this instruction was either molded into the pillow or printed on it.  It was simple enough you probably won’t need instructions anyway.

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