Medis 24-7 Power Pack Review

Do you live in Florida, Texas, or anywhere else along the Gulf Coast?  Do you live in a area that is prone to power losses?  Would you like a way to charge your devices that lasts a long time or is suitable for emergency use?  If so, then the Medis 24-7 Power Pack is for you.

Medis 24-7 Power Pack Review

The Medis 24-7 Power Pack is not just battery powered charger, it is the first consumer fuel cell based charger.  Yes you heard that right, it’s a fuel cell.  The Medis 24-7 Power Pack is not a battery, and it doesn’t use any batteries inside its light case.  Instead, it has a fuel cell which uses borohydride.  The Medis 24-7 Power Pack is considered safe to bring in your airline carry-on, so you won’t have to worry about it being confiscated by the TSA.

To activate the Medis 24-7 Power Pack, you remove the strip of plastic that goes around its base, squeeze it together until there is no gap between the top part of the fuel cell and the bottom, and then you lightly shake it for a few seconds.

Image Provided by Medis

Image Provided by Medis

To charge your device, you plug the cable into the power pack, put the tip on the end of the cable, and then plug the cable into your device.  The Medis has enough juice to power and charge your device so that you can use the device while it’s on the Medis PowerPack.

Medis 24-7 Power Pack Review

The Medis Power Pack lasts a LONG time.  I have been using mine on and off for about a week and a half, and it’s still capable of providing a full charge to my cell phones and iPod.  I was sent enough tips to use it with almost anything that requires between 3.8 volts and 5 volts of power.  It’s not powerful enough to charge my laptops, but I bet that it will soon be possible to power laptops with a similar technology.

The Medis Power Pack is also a green power pack; it is safe for the environment and uses no heavy metals in its construction. It’s also recyclable.  When the power pack is depleted, there’s no way to refill it, but you can simply pack it up and mail it back to Medis for recycling in its zip bag and original packaging.  When you do this, you should make sure that you save the cord and tips, since you can purchase replacement cells at most local Best Buys or online.

The Medis is perfect for storing in your emergency kit, as it will not consume any fuel until it’s activated.  Once activated, it should last for about 20 hours of charges.  Due to the unique nature of the fuel cell based technology, the Medis 24-7 Power Pack will not decrease in voltage until the fuel is depleted, which means right up until it’s out of fuel, it will continue to provide the full power.  This is very unlike batteries which reduce their voltage over their discharge cycle.  In other words, you’ll get a full 20 hours of charges for many different devices.

The Medis 24-7 Power Pack is much lighter than a battery pack of equivalent size.  So carrying it on your next trip won’t break your back.

The Medis 24-7 Power Pack is available at the for $29.99 plus shipping and handling.

What I liked: It was light, could charge almost anything and provided full current right up until the fuel ran out.  It also lasts for a long time.  Up to a week of charges on one fuel cell for a iPod and cellphone.

What needs improvement: I would like to see it more commonly available and possibly a refillable version.  Other than that, it’s perfect.

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