Houdini Tool – the Automotive Escape Device

Houdini Tool – the Automotive Escape Device

When it comes to escaping from a wrecked vehicle or one submerged in water, you don’t dare lose a minute. With two new automotive Houdini Tools introduced by Houdini™, Inc., you can put your fears to rest.

The Houdini Automotive Escape Tool and the Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool both are available in time for the heavy summer travel season and beyond.

Made from high quality materials and masterful design, these escape products outperform any other rescue tool or rescue hammer-type product on the market.

The Houdini Automotive Escape Tool that most consumers will purchase is $24.95 and features a safety whistle and LED light in addition to a spring-loaded glass punch and a seatbelt cutter. Most products on the market have no light and no whistle.

The whistle signals for help up to one-quarter mile away. This Houdini product is billed as “The keychain tool that could save your life.”

The Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool, $39.95, is preferred by emergency rescuers, including firefighters and police officers. Its spring-loaded punch lets you break tempered glass for a quick escape. Houdini Pro’s professional-quality seatbelt cutter slices the toughest seat belt and frees you even when you are upside down.

Should you exit a heavily damaged vehicle and need to walk some distance in the dark, both Houdini products provide a 5-lumen lamp with 10 hours of run time.

All-in-all, you’ll have more peace of mind when you keep Houdini by your side.

The Houdini Tool is available online at www.houdinitool.com and soon at major retailers across the U.S.

Houdini™ Automotive Escape Tools are products of Houdini, Inc., Wilsonville, Ore. Both Houdini Automotive Escape Tool and Houdini Pro Emergency Rescue Tool are made of the highest quality materials and superior design, providing peace of mind that you and your loved ones will be able to escape from dangerous situations such as vehicle entrapments and submersions.

For more information, visit www.houdinitool.com or call 503-783-3330.

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