Just Mobile AluPen Twist L & S: Dual Action Stylus and Ballpoint Pens

Are you tired of smearing your phone or tablet screen with finger grease every time you tap on it? Do you usually have a ballpoint pen on you? If so, why not combine something you already always carry with something you’ll also enjoy using? Take a look at the Just Mobile AluPen Twist L or S; the ballpoint pen stylus.

Packaging is simple, with an informative how-to change the refill printed on the inner sleeve. Let’s take a look at the two different stylus pens.

Both AluPen Twist models have these features:

  • High-quality aluminum-and-ABS construction
  • Stylus compatible with all capacitive screen smartphones and tablets
  • Robust twist mechanism Nibs protected when not in use
  • Replaceable ballpoint pen

The only real difference between the two stylus pens is that the L is a bit fatter than the S; so it should be easy to remember that the L is the larger pen, and the S is the slimmer. 😉

Just Mobile AluPen Twist L

Measuring 5″ long by 0.7″ wide at its middle, this little fatty is available in black in silver; the bottom silver portion is aluminum, and the top black portion with the built-in pocket clip is composed of ABS plastic.

When you twist the pen counterclockwise, you expose the soft stylus built into the pen’s cap.

When you twist the pen clockwise, you expose the ballpoint pen. It’s a medium black ink that is a pleasure to write with.

Just Mobile AluPen Twist S

That brings us to the slimmer AluPen Twist S. Measuring 5″ long by 0.53″ thick, the S is available in black on black, gray and silver, orange and silver, and white and silver. Once again, the bottom black portion is aluminum, and the top black portion with the built-in pocket clip is composed of ABS plastic.

As with the L, turning the top portion of the pen counterclockwise will expose the soft nib.

Twisting the pen clockwise will reveal the same smooth-writing black ballpoint pen.

When it’s time to replace the ballpoint pen, you’ll just need to purchase a similarly sized stylus pen refill (they have them at just about every office supply store, or you can find packs of 5 here). If you manage to lose or destroy the rubber nib, you can order set of 3 replacements (in several colors).

I really like how neither the stylus nib or the ballpoint pen are exposed until you need them, and while the $30 retail price is a bit high, you can find it for a bit less on Amazon. My favorite is the Just Mobile AluPen Twist S, because it fits my hand better, but if you have a larger hand or just like a fatter pen, you’ll enjoy using the L.

The Just Mobile AluPen L and AluPen S retail for $29.95 each, and they are available directly from the manufacturer or from Amazon [affiliate link].

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Well-built aluminum and ABS plastic stylus pen; stylus and ballpoint pen are concealed unless you need them

What Needs Improvement: Slightly expensive at retail, but a bit less so on Amazon

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