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December 22, 2008 • Reviews

USB Heated Slippers Review

Forget that tie or bottle of aftershave. What you should have gotten him are these USB-powered heated slippers from

These might actually keep me at my desk longer as I do not want to take them off to put on my cold shoes.

– Open-end design allows you to work as without Gloves
– Warming your feet during winter time or cold environment
– Made of wool and connect to USB port
– Detachable Thermal Pad
– Powered by USB, safe and convenient
– Plug and Play
Options: Color
– Blue (default color to be shipped)
– Brown
Package Contents:
– USB Heating Slippers with heating Pad x 1 pair
– Polybag
Price: $14.99 US.
They are online at listed as:
USB Heating Slippers (Blue)
Product Code#:AG0778

Allow a couple of weeks for shipping and you are all set.

All I did was open the bag, undo the twist tie around the cable and plug them in to one of my USB ports. It even works on the open port of my Mac keyboard, a port usually not too friendly to non-Apple accessories.

Now my feet are warm and comfortable. My attitude has improved and I have become more productive. Works better than those stupid “attitude-adjustment” seminars they try to send us to.

So do I carry my laptop with me so I don’t have to unplug or get a USB extension that will reach the restroom and the fridge?

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  1. Lex says:

    Lord help you if the doorbell rings.

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