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An HP Mini 2140 Mini Post Listen to this article


I’ve been enjoying using the HP 2140 Mini Note. It’s small, light, and quite easy to use thanks to its near full size keyboard. My unit came with a three cell battery which allows the unit to maintain its low profile.


The downside of this small battery is that, even though the 2140 has far better battery life than its predecessor the 2133 (which got just two hours and 15 minutes!) there is only so much that a  three cell battery can do.


While the same six cell battery that works with 2133 fits perfectly in the 2140 and doubles run-time, in both cases it adds a significant amount of weight and an awkward bulge to the device. Why then, you might wonder, did I order a six cell battery? The answer is rather simple.

According to Laptop Magazine’s tests, the 3 cell battery gets a solid 3 hours and 32 minutes. (Note that THAT is with a mechanical hard drive.  Mine is running an SSD so I will likely see more than that.) That is impressive for a 3 cell battery but it isn’t enough for me since many of my work days are 10-14 hours long.

As a result I would need to carry the 2140 with the 3 cell AND this…

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4


There is another option, however. According to Laptop Magazine’s tests the system lasts over 7 hours with the 6 cell. That means that by carrying the 3 AND the 6 cell batteries I will get OVER 10 hours of run time- more than enough for even a busy day.

So tell me- which would you rather carry?



Or this…


While I prefer the slim/light 3 cell battery over the added bulk, I am more than happy to have the 6 cell battery available for those times when I need it. And the wall charger? That will be staying at home 99% of the time.

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