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Like a lot of guys – I have this habit of keeping stuff in my refrigerator just a little too long. Jennifer and I have this fun game that we like to play called “guess the expiration date”. She randomly pulls stuff our of my refrigerator. Asks – do you know when this expired? To which I typically respond something guy-ish like – you mean milk goes bad? So as you could imagine my refrigerator often has an interesting odor that lingers. When I spotted the FreshFridge for $17 on Amazon I just had to give it a try.

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The first thing I noticed is that the FreshFridge is tiny. I’m not sure what I was expecting but the actual device is not much bigger than a can of soda (2-3/4 x 3 x 4 1/2 inches).

Power is supplied by 3AA batteries and the manufacturer claims about 90 days life for them. I haven’t yet been through a full 90 day cycle so I can’t vouch for those claims.

There are no filters to replace on the FreshFridge. Everything works by ionizer which should result in odors being removed without any masking scent.

I cannot see any way to clean the inside of the device (there’s no removable top) – so if there’s any dirt that accumulates over time I’m assuming that you have no way of clearing it.

In practice I found that the odor in my refrigerator seemed to be reduced without being replaced with any type of scent. If you’ve used ionic filters before (such as Sharper Image) you know they output a scent that’s similar to the smell you may sense after a lighting storm. There’s a faint smell of “ionic” but overall this seems to mostly remove the stink.

There are two modes — a high and low. These are toggled by use of the mode button on the front of the device. If you are using high then the FreshFridge operates for 30 minutes and goes into a cycle of sterilization for one minute every hour. In the low mode the device cleans for 20 minutes and then goes into a cleaning cycle with less frequent sterilization time of about 40 seconds.

The FreshFridge appears to be doing its job (smells are gone), is tiny and so far has been trouble and maintenance free. Since I’m the type of person who will use baking soda but forget to replace the box for the next three years – I think FreshFridge is a win.

Link: FreshFridge

What I liked:

No replacing filters of boxes of baking soda
Can be used outside the refrigerator

What could be improved:

Doubtful that this is cheaper than putting a box of baking soda in your refrigerator


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