Raspberry Pi Hacked to Allow Siri to Open Your Garage Door

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Raspberry Pi Hacked to Allow Siri to Open Your Garage Door Listen to this article
Image courtesy of iFans.com

Image courtesy of iFans.com

What a world we live in – We now have computers that fit in our pockets, gorgeous televisions that are 1″ thick, and a dude who skydived from the edge of space.  Continuing along that vein, now you can program your credit card sized computer, otherwise known as the Raspberry Pi, to open your garage door for you using Siri’s voice commands on your iPhone.  Seriously.

RaspberryPi.org forum user “DarkTherapy” was able to code his Raspberry Pi saying he used “SiriProxy running on the Raspberry Pi, along with wiring Pi to access the Pi’s GPIO pins and turn a relay on/off.”  He then hooked up the relay to his automatic garage door system and voila, he can open his garage door by telling Siri to “Open the garage door” on his iPhone.

Currently, the system only works over WiFi, so you better hope your home’s WiFi signal reaches to your driveway.  DarkTherapy notes that it could be set up to work over cellular VPN in the future.

If you’re brave enough, head on over to this forum post for instructions on how to do this yourself.  Otherwise, you can check out the video, below.

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