Palm Pre app Catalog. 30 Apps in 30 Days. Day 12: Good Food


We are going to quickly tackle two apps in one tonight.  I was planning to bring you a look at SplashData’s SplashID, the only secure information manager available for the Palm Pre.  Unfortunately, I had terrible problems with SplashID on the Palm Pre and could not get it to load at all.  Every time opened it, it froze.  I know others have had much more success with this program, and I have enjoyed it on other platforms, but it just would not work on my Palm Pre.  So, that is all I have to say about this one.  If you have used SplashID on your Palm Pre, then write into the comments and let me know what you think.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at the first of several location based programs, Good Food.

Good Food, as you might expect, uses your GPS to help you locate restaurants.  Just open the program, and it will immediately access your GPS and start searching for your location.  It will then provide you with a map (powered by Google maps) showing the locations of all the nearby restaurants.


If you prefer, you can also switch into List View, where you will find the full name and address of each restaurant.

goodfood_2009-11-08_214951 goodfood_2009-11-08_214958

Just tap any restaurant from either view in order to find more information.  From here, you can find a map showing the location of the restaurant.  You can even use Google Maps in order to find complete directions from your current location, though not turn-by-turn directions.

goodfood_2009-11-08_215027 goodfood_2009-11-08_215102

You can also add details, and even leave recommendations.   The recommendations screen is pretty cool, because it is designed to look like a tab sheet from a diner.  Nice Touch.  Anything you type here will be loaded into the online database, and can be viewed by other users.  This was a  nice social touch, and a great way to quickly and easily get numerous opinions, some of which might even be helpful.

goodfood_2009-11-08_215122 goodfood_2009-11-08_215130

Finally, if you are looking for something specific, then you can filter the search by type of restaurant, and even by price range.  It would be nice if you could set the distance to be searched or change the number of results to be displayed, and I do hope such refinements make it into a future version.

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