JAVOScreen Review: Ultra-Clear Screen Protector for Amazon Kindle 2

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Chances are if you own a device with a LCD screen you fall into one of two camps:  Those who protect and those who don’t.  It only takes one scuff or scrape to forever scar the beautiful screen of that new device.  A good quality screen protector can go a long way in helping to keep your screen looking like it did the day you unboxed it.  If you don’t currently use a screen protector on your phone or PDA you might want to think about adding one.

JAVOedge makes a variety of accessories for a variety of devices.  One of their more popular items is their JAVOscreen screen protector.  The key to any good screen protector is transparency.  Does it do a good job of protecting the screen while remaining undetectable to the user?

The JAVOscreen is made from a special mixture of plastic that refracts 99% of UV rays from lights.  This not only protects the screen of your device but your eyes as well.  The JAVOscreen is also removable, washable and reusable meaning it should last long.


Included in the packaging is one JAVOscreen, instructions for installation, a cleaning cloth and installation card.


The screen protector itself has backing on both sides, allowing the front to remain protected while you install it.  It’s important to make sure there is absolutely no dust on your screen before installing any screen protector.  Even the smallest speck of dust will lead to a bubble that’s impossible to remove.

Personally I use a can of compressed air followed by a dust free towel to remove all the dust from my screen before I install my screen protectors.

You first remove the backing from the shield and then using the installation card to smooth out any bubbles you place it onto your device’s screen moving down until the protector is completely flush with the screen. It sometimes takes more than one try to get it both straight and bubble free.  Be patient.

Note:  Minor complaint.  The card they include in the package, which I assume is a generic one they include for all their devices, is too small for the large Kindle Screen.  I used a credit card instead.

Before installation.


After installation.


You can tell from the pictures that the JAVOscreen passes the test with flying colors.  Once properly installed you really can not tell it’s there.

Since the JAVOscreen uses no sticky adhesives, if after time you need to clean it, you can do so easily.   You then can run it under warm water cleaning with soap.  Allow it to fully dry and reapply.

But the JAVOscreen takes it one step further.  The screen actually looks better with it installed.  The Kindle 2 screen’s is slightly matted.  Once the JAVOscreen is installed the screen perks up with a glossy vibrant look to it.

More information on the JAVOscreen can be gathered on the JAVOedge web site.

M.S.R.P. – $14.95

What I like – Crystal clear, glossy, vibrant look.

What I don’t like – Installation card is too small for the Kindle 2.

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