Huawei AI Cube Pushes New Features to Smart Speakers While Violating the Rules of Geometry

Huawei AI Cube Pushes New Features to Smart Speakers While Violating the Rules of Geometry

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Smart speakers are only increasing in popularity and number, and one of the benefits of this explosion is that companies are adding more features and better sound quality to what was once a novelty item. Huawei is aiming to add all sorts of value with their new Huawei AI Cube powered by Alexa.

Disappointingly, it is not actually a cube. In a world of round speakers, a cube would have been fun. In any case, the not-a-cube AI Cube can connect over WiFi, or it can be used as a router with a 4G LTE SIM card. Most households probably have WiFi already, but that’s a handy trick if you’re traveling — combine a router with Alexa and you’ve taken the best parts of home with you!

The AI not-a-Cube is designed to provide excellent sound, with an aluminum diaphragm and a 400ml sound cavity. While that sounds more like how the dentist justifies a $1,500 bill, Wikipedia again to the rescue to explain it has to do with how the sound resonates. So expect lots of connectivity options as well as solid sound.

Alexa and Google Assistant are both aiming to control your home, while Siri sits in the corner hugging a Homepod and crying softly. Since the Huawei AI Cube [because geometry is meaningless] uses Alexa, there’s an enormous library of skills available at Amazon. You can have it tell you the news, play games with you, or talk to Cortana on your Huawei MateBook!

There’s no word yet on pricing or availability, but hopefully, these will be out in time for the holiday season. Stay tuned to Huawei for more details!

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