Coghlan’s Camper’s Kit Review

It’s May, which means it’s off to camp soon for my son and me as we had to Camp Pilgrim Hills with my son’s class for an adventure in Nature’s Classroom. We always pick up water bottles, ponchos, and a new first aid kit because we usually have lost or broken the water bottle, torn the poncho, and used the first aid kit. Coghlan’s has developed a unique package that lets me pick up some of the stuff I need in one shot;  I am talking about Coghlan’s Camper’s Kit in a Bottle.


The water bottle is available in an assortment of colors. Here’s a picture of everything that is inside the bottle.


Yes, there’s a multitool, an Emergency Poncho, a first aid kit, and a flashlight (no batteries included) all stuffed inside.


One of the neatest things in the bottle is this little multitool. It’s not a leatherman, but it will suffice if you need to repair a zipper or open a package in the cabin for a fellow camper.


Next up is the poncho. It’s a thin emergency style and handy in case your good one springs a leak, or someone forgets theirs.


Everyone needs a simple first aid kit when camping and this is exactly what is included here; it even includes a small piece of moleskin to protect feet from blisters.coghlan_camper_kit_8

Last is a handy AA-powered flashlight. Oddly enough, this isn’t an LED-based flashlight, and it doesn’t include AA batteries in this kit.


This kit isn’t meant for emergency survival, although Coghlan’s does have one of those, too. This kit is simply a nifty set of camp essentials in a handy package. For only $10 at Walmart, you can’t beat the price.

Sure, it’s not the highest-quality gear you could buy, but it will do when you have to spend a short overnight in the woods with your kid.

What I like: With the cheap price, it’s worth picking up an additional kit, just in case someone needs any of these items at camp

What needs improvement: They should make the flashlight an LED one

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