Roman (birthday) Candles show your age in a classy manner

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This pack of 8 Roman (birthday) Candles (3 “I”, “V”, 3 “X” and l – good for ages 1 to 89) make for a fun cake decorating experience. Simply line them up (you do know your Roman numerals, right?) and let the partygoers decipher the birthday boy or girl’s age. As noted, this candle set works for anyone up to 89 years of age.


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1 Comment on "Roman (birthday) Candles show your age in a classy manner"

  1. nosmohtac | May 12, 2009 at 12:20 am |

    That is a cool idea. I just celebrated my 40th birthday, and was a little worried as my wife and daughter tried lighting all 40 candles. I suggested the number kind (the ones for little kids) for next year, but I may get a set of these instead.

    I’m no expert on Roman Numerals, but if it only comes with one L, 3 X’s, one V, and 3 I’s wouldn’t that make it only good for ages 1-88?

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