Review: iSkin Pro Touch for Apple Keyboard & Mouse


Do you share a computer at work?  Are you kids constantly spilling things around your home computer?  Do you simply want to make sure your home or work station stays clean?  Do you love the Mighty Mouse but wish it had some color to it?  The iSkin Pro Touch is a heavy duty silicone skin, made for the Apple Mighty Mouse, and Apple keyboards, which comes in a variety of colors.  The skin protects your Mighty Mouse and Keyboard from life’s dangers while providing the user with a nice feel.  I was recently sent a Pro Touch for the Apple wireless Mouse and the Apple Mac Book Air.


The iSkin Pro Touch for the Mighty Mouse comes in several color choices.


The skin itself covers all the surface areas of the mouse protecting it from dust and dirt.  The skin features antimicrobial protection which serves to prevent odor and stain causing bacteria to build up on the product.

It’s made from premium, high grade silicone which as an added bonus feels great in the hand.  Comfy and cushy.


Inside the package you’ll find the Pro Touch and a user guide.


Installation is quite simple.  You wrap the skin around your mouse making sure the trackball lines up with the cut out at the top.  Just like installation of a silicone case on a cell phone.




Once it’s on the mouse does increase in size slightly but it return you get a soft comfortable feel and all the mouse functions remain complete usable.  The Artic version I was sent is clear enough that the Apple logo is visible.


The Pro Touch is washable.  If it gets dirty you simply run it under warm water and wash with a mild soap.  Once dry it’s as good as new.


The iSkin Pro Touch offers a wide range of bold colors combined with a layer of bacteria protection.  It provides a soft feel to the hand and is completely washable.  It does add a little bulk to the mouse but it’s a case after all and what case doesn’t?

M.S.R.P. – $19.99

What I like – Bold color choices, antimicrobial protection, soft feel, washable.

What I don’t like – Added bulk.


The skin for the keyboard is made from the same antimicrobial material and comes in several color choices as well.


I was sent an Artic version for review.


The package contains the skin and a users manual.


You install the keyboard Pro Touch by simply laying it over the keyboard.  The skin has raised cutouts for each key so it’s locked into place when in the proper position.


I did notice a small amount of water marking under the skin after I’d installed it and you feel the need to press a little hard on the keys when typing, but it’s nothing that makes the skin unusable.  I’ve tried the zCover which is a similar product and found it very difficult to type.  The zCover has much deeper grooves for the keys than the Pro Touch.  This makes the Pro Touch easier to type through.

The Pro Touch keyboard also serves another purpose.  It actually dampens the sounds of each keystroke as you type.  If you’re one of those keyboard smashers who hammer away at their keyboard this product might save you from a noise ordinance violation.


Just like the Pro Touch for the Mighty Mouse the one for the keyboard is washable as well.  Just run it under the tap and use a mild soap.  Once it’s dry it’s back in business.


With the skin installed you can still close the Mac Book without removing it.  You can’t even tell it’s there.


Just like the Pro Touch for the Mighty Mouse the Pro Touch for the keyboard provides an antimicrobial layer that protects you and your keyboard from dirt and dust.  It’s available in a wide range of colors allowing you to customize your keyboard’s look to your own personal taste.  It does make the keys a little tougher to press but protection often comes with a price.

M.S.R.P. – $29.99

What I like – Antimicrobial protection, washable.

What I don’t like – Makes typing a little harder.

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