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Speck Fitted Case

The day I got my new MacBook I immediately put a Speck SeeThru hard shell on it. At $49.95 it was expensive, but having now used it for a number of months, it was worth every penny. The case is clear, doesn’t add much thickness or weight and offers amazing protection for my MacBook. It gives me piece of mind knowing that I don’t have to “baby” my… baby. And I’m not the only one. Judie has a SeeThru on her MacBook Air and, “NEVER takes it off.” I/WE highly recommend it!

Speck was kind enough to send us some samples of their new Fitted case for iPod Touch and iPod Nano. Here’s a quick look…

From Speck:

Speck Fitted

Dress your iPod touch for success with a chic Fitted case by Speck! This hard shell case with tailored outerwear adds fabric-wrapped class and an inviting feel to your device as you browse through your songs, videos and podcasts. The simple, snug, snap-together design gives you full access to your viewing screen, controls, ports and plugs. Available in black pinstripe, Fitted is a fashion statement that proves hip can be practical!

* Hip, stylish fabric wrapped over a protective hard shell
* Creates a highly personalized, original look
* Protects your iPod from scratches and scuffs in style
* Simple, two-piece snap-together design
* Complete access to all ports, controls and sensors
* Slim and lightweight — doesn’t add bulk
* Comfortable, textured fabric for extra grip

Speck fitted

Pimp your iPod nano with a chic Fitted case by Speck! This hard case brings clear protection to the front of your iPod and a cool fabric wrap to the back, creating a comfortable feel and original look for your trusty device. The simple, snug, snap-together design gives you full access to your viewing screen, click wheel, earphone plug and dock connector. Available in Black Pinstripe, Fitted is a fashion statement that proves hip can be practical!

* Authentic fabric over a hard shell creates original looks
* Clear hard shell top protects face and screen
* Simple, two-piece snap-together design
* Sleek and lightweight — doesn’t add bulk
* Openings for access to all ports and controls
* Tailored protection, custom-fit for iPod nano 4G (4th Gen)

O U R  T A K E . . .

Speck Fitted Case

I am VERY impressed with these cases. They offer a minimalist approach to protecting my gadgets while still covering most of the device. (On the touch the screen is still exposed, while on the nano the scroll wheel is uncovered.)

Speck Fitted Case

In both cases Speck struck the right balance between protection and accessibility, by leaving the controls fully accessible.

Speck Fitted Case

The fit and finish of the cases is excellent. The two parts fit together perfectly and feel as if they will only come apart when you want them to for device removal. In fact, getting the case on the device takes a bit of play. I appreciated this since it also means the two halves won’t split apart and simply fall off, if the device is dropped.


I have used many similarly styled cases in the past but this one is different, thanks to the material affixed to the back of each. While other plastic cases feel as if they might slip from your hand if you are not careful, the Fitted feels as if it is not going anywhere thanks to material that is rough enough to create friction while still feeling comfortably soft. The material comes in a variety of colors and designs, and it is securely affixed to the hard shell. This material feels rugged enough to withstand a good deal of use and abuse, while at the same time it softens what is otherwise a hard, plastic case. The material not only feels good in the hand, but it also adds a significant degree of “grip” to the device.

In a world where cases all start looking alike, the Fitted from Speck stands out with just enough aesthetic appeal.

What I Like:
Good protection
Low profile
Looks AND feels nice
Protects without any loss of functionality

What Needs Improvement:

Can’t tell yet how the material will wear if it gets damp or sits in a pocket with a lot of lint.

Fitted for iPod Nano is available from Speck for $29.95.
Fitted for iPod Touch 2G is available from Speck for $29.95

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