Review: iSkin USB Power Charger

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The iSkin USB power charger is a convenient way to charge all of your USB powered electronic devices.  From your iPod to your iPhone to anything in between (providing it’s a low powered USB device with an input power rating of 5 Volts)  The charger has a glossy black and gray look and it folds away for easy storage.

Inside the packaging you’ll find the USB power charger and a user manual.  The front of the charger is a hi-gloss black plastic.  It is a fingerprint magnet for sure.


The sides of the charger are brushed gray almost metal looking.


The charging prongs fold away allowing the charger to become completely flat for easy portability.  When you need to plug in just flip the prongs out and go.


There’s no cable included in the package so you must supply your own for whatever device you intend to charger.


The front of the charger features a blue LED the glows when it’s plugged into an outlet and pulses when it’s charging a device.  Once your device is fully charged the blue light returns to solid blue.


When the charger is plugged in it uses very little power, .2 watts to be exact but iSkin does recommend your remove it from the outlet when you’re not using it.

Environmentally friendly because of its low power consumption the iSkin USB Charger is a sharp looking device that’s worth a look if you have several devices that are all charged by USB.

You can find out more about the iSkin USB Charger on the iSkin website.

M.S.R.P. – $24.99

What I like – low power use, sleek design, blue indicator.

What I don’t like – fingerprint magnet, no included cable.

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