Flight Control for iPhone and iPod Touch Review

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Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be an air traffic controller, without all the stress often associated with the frenetic position?  Flight Control from Firemint puts you in the seat of air traffic controller responsible for landing planes at your own airport.  Get each plane to its proper runaway without crashing into another plane and you earn points.  The more points you earn, the harder the game becomes.

Flight Control has been in the list of top 20 paid iTunes App Stores apps for weeks.  It’s a highly addictive and very challenging game.  Let’s take a look.

The game loads after a very brief splash screen.


You can then choose to hear sound from the game itself, or listen to your own iPod music while playing.  You can also play with no sound at all.  The variety of all three options is a very nice feature.  I most often play with no sound, as it’s not really needed in the game.


The main menu has a few options. You can jump right into the game, view your high scores as well as other user’s high scores on-line, see a tutorial on how to play the game and view the game’s credits.

You current high score for the game is always listed in the main menu.


Once you launch the game you see your airport with its three landing areas.  The larger strip is for the big jets, the smaller for the prop planes and the circle for helicopters.

The exclamation points indicate where the next plane coming in on approach is going to be coming from.


Using your finger you trace the path you want the approaching plane to take to the runway.  If a plane is successfully lined up for a good landing, it turns white.  If your path has it missing its runway it’ll remain its solid color, and you’ll know to retrace a new landing pattern.


As soon as another plan comes into view you can direct it to its proper landing strip.  You may alter a plane’s path at any time during the game to avoid crashes.


The game starts easy but it’s not long before more plans start appearing.


As you successfully land a plane, it disappears as it taxis along the runway.


It’s important to make sure you land each plane on its assigned landing area.  Every time you do you’ll earn a point.


The game ends when two of your planes crash.


Flight control is an incredibly simple game, but one that’s incredibly challenging and highly addictive.  At only .99 cents in the iTunes App Store this one’s a “must-have”.

More information on Flight Control can be gathered from the iTunes App Store.

M.S.R.P. – .99 cents

What I like – Simple design, very challenging, fast paced, inexpensive.

What I don’t like – Nothing.

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