Sick in Bed? It’s FaceTime to the Rescue!

Sick in Bed? It's FaceTime to the Rescue!

I have the flu. It’s quite inconvenient, especially since we are trying really, really hard to keep Sarah from catching it. As a result, I am staying in a different room on another floor, plus both of us have been armed with Lysol every time we enter a common area.

The real bummer is not being able to hang out together. But this is temporary, and we’re working around it — by using FaceTime! It’s a bit silly, but it makes both of us feel less lonely, and it beats facing each other in a common area and setting off Lysol bombs every five minutes!

I know Apple focuses on people connecting over great distances in their FaceTime ads, but I think cold and flu season gives them a whole new ad angle. We are sold us on how useful FaceTime is!

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  1. haha … my son and his best friend were FaceTime chatting while also playing co-op XBOX360 … it is an amazingly versatile thing!

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