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Life, Sorry, Monopoly, and Clue were just some of the board games I grew up playing.  Times change and with new technology comes new, updated versions of some of our favorite classics.  Sometimes the updates are improvements, while other times the original seems better.

Electronic Arts has become one of the premier iPhone and iPod Touch application developers.  With hits like Spore, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Need For Speed Undercover and more, they are setting the bar for gaming in the iTunes App Store.

One of EA’s newest releases is a remake of one of those games I grew up playing.  Clue.

Although the characters are the same as in the original the iPhone/iPod version plays quite differently than the original version.

The game’s options include the ability to adjust the sound and music heard while playing the game as well as turning on or off vibrations that the game makes during play.

You can also read tips on how to play the game and reset the application.


One of the extra features of the game are the character biographies.  Here you can learn about each of the suspects and read a brief bio about them.


Six of the original characters are there although they don’t look anything like they did in the original game.


The character’s bio offers a brief description of the person’s behavior.


Before launching into the game itself you can view the game’s rules and adjust the controls.

During gameplay it’s possible to control movement both with you finger or with the device’s built in accelerometer.


The first level of the game teaches you the different skills you’ll need to play.

In short you play the game as a crime reporter.  A murder has occurred at the mansion and your editor sends you to interview the suspects and come up with what happened.

When you’ve discovered the murderer’s identity, the murder weapon and the location where the murder took place, you call your story into your editor.


At the start of each game you’ll be told by the editor that there are two suspects and two possible murder weapons.


The game is time based and you’re given 45 minutes to solve the murder.


You travel throughout the mansion by clicking around it’s floor plan.  Some of the game’s original rooms are there and new ones have been added as well.


Some rooms have suspects and when you find them you can interview them for clues.

You can actually read suspects’ body language for clues and determine if they’re lying or telling you the truth!


Sometimes they offer you clues which you can further investigate.


You can tap on various items within each room to learn about them and search them for clues.


Each room is different and contains different suspects and clues.


When you think you’ve figured it all out you make the call to your editor and tell him you’re ready to submit your story.


You make the accusation by dragging your suspect into the room where you think the murder occurred along with what you think is the murder weapon.

There are weapons from the original games and new ones too like a Razor, Poison, and a Pistol.


When you got all the items in place you’re ready to “accuse.”


You’re editor tells you if you’re right.


The game features several levels each with multiple murders to solve.  Best of all you can replay the same murder over again and it won’t have the same ending.


I’ve only managed to make it through the first two tutorial levels and one mystery so far but my initial impressions are positive.

Although it’s much different than the Clue I grew up playing this version is still entertaining and certainly challenging.  You have to use deductive reasoning to solve each mystery and multiple endings make replaying the game possible over and over again.

Clue requires iPhone OS 2.0 or later.

Clue is available in the iTunes App Store.

M.S.R.P. – $4.99

What I like – Reminds me of the original Clue I grew up playing, great graphics, and smooth gameplay.

What I don’t like – Nothing

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