PDair Luxury Silicone Case for iPhone 3G Review

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If there’s one thing PDair is not short on it’s cases for the iPhone.  Their catalogue of cases is huge!  From metal to leather to silicone to everything in between they are sure to have a case that fits each individual’s own sense of style.

I was recently sent the PDair Luxury Silicone case for the iPhone 3G to review.

I’ve reviewed my fair share of silicone cases and most fit into the “plan-Jane” category.  They consists of a plain skin, in one color and offer nothing more.

The Luxury Silicone case does not fit that mold.

Offered in 10, yes 10, colors (White, Black, Light Blue, Blue, Red, Pink, Orange, Green, Purple, and Yellow) you could easily buy a few and coordinate your entire wardrobe.


Installation of the case is quite simple.  As with most skins you simply insert the phone in, buttons first, and then wrap the remaining portion of the skin around the phone.


The Luxury Silicone skin is loose enough that it fits easily on to the phone but tight enough that it does not feel as if it’s going to fall off.

Once installed you still retain access to all the phone’s ports.

The dock connector is accessible.  I had no problem docking my phone in my Griffin Simplify dock while this case was on my phone.


The headset port is left open enough so that most any headset plug will fit.


The camera cut out is slightly recessed and wide enough so that the lens is not obstructed.

The sleep/awake button and the volume rocker are covered  but are raised to allow one touch access.


Although the case does not include a screen shield, it does include a few other added extras.  However, PDair should consider adding a screen shield as this is becoming the norm for case manufacturers.


First a screen cleaner.  It can be attached to the case itself and used to remove finger prints or dust from the screen.


Personally I’d have rather seen this case without the two holes on the back.  This way if I chose not to attach the screen cleaner the case would look better.


And second a stand which allows you to view the phone in either the vertical or horizontal position.



The case itself uses Satin-Touch Technology which allows dust to be easily wiped off with a damp lint-free cloth.


The case has a nice amount of grip to it as well due to its raised texture.


At only $19 the Luxury Silicone case is priced right as well.

If you’re a fan of simple, silicone cases, and need a variety of color choices take a look at the PDair Luxury Silicone Case.

You can find out more about the PDair Luxury Silicone case on the PDair website.

M.S.R.P. – $19

What I like – 10 colors to choose from, comes with video stand and screen cleaner.

What I don’t like  – no included screen protector, holes on back for lanyard.

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