Phaze for iPhone/iPod Touch Review


The developers at Astraware are at it again.  Their newest release for the iPhone or iPod Touch, Phaze, places you in the pilot’s seat of a futuristic speedster spacecraft and allows you to race against opponents along an intergalactic race track.

Along the way you steer your ship for the boost pads to achieve warp speed, pick up weapons to blast your opponents and collect power boosts and defensive shields.

Phaze game is a fun break from traditional racing games.

The game launches to a very simple main menu.

You can immediately launch into a single race, compete in a racing championship, see a tutorial on how the game is played, edit the game’s options or view other Astraware titles.

In single race you complete only one race where as in championship mode you complete 16 races.


The how-to section features graphical instructions on how to play the game.

You steer via your device’s built in accelerometer.


To slow down your racer you tip the device towards you.


To speed up you tilt the device forward like you’re pressing down on your car’s gas pedal.

To ease back on the throttle simple tip the device back towards you.


If you hold your device too far forward you’ll be warned by the game that your device is too flat.  This means you’d better slow down or a crash is imminent.


The game’s option menu includes the ability to turn on or off the in game’s music and sound effects.


You may also adjust the steering sensitivity.

I found the default configuration worked just fine.


When you’re ready to launch the game you choose a level.  Easy, normal, hard or extreme.


Then you select a ship for your race.

To start there are three ships available but 7 more can be unlocked during the game.


You can view each ship’s profile before selecting.


Finally you select a mission to complete.


Before the race begins you’re given a preview of the track.


With everything set it’s off to the starting line.


You race around the track trying to avoid hitting the walls and other craft.


The track features different boost pods along the way each providing a different function.

Some make you go faster, others provide you with a shield or a weapon to use against the other racers.


The race ends and your final position recorded.


You’ll see you time for the race and whether or not you completed it in record time or not.


Watch a video demo of the game.

Phaze is a great break from the more traditional race a car around a track racing games.  It features cool looking spacecraft and slick graphics.  The gameplay is very smooth and easy to control.

The more you play the more new content in the form of new ships and racing venues you unlock.

Phaze is available in the iTunes App Store.

Phaze requires iPhone software 2.2.1 or later.

M.S.R.P. – $4.99

What I like – break from traditional car/tracking racing games, nice graphics, smooth gameplay.

What I don’t like – somewhat repetitive.

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