With the Bodyguardz Shock Case and SpyGlass, Your iPhone 6S is Safe from Drops and Prying Eyes

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With the Bodyguardz Shock Case and SpyGlass, Your iPhone 6S is Safe from Drops and Prying Eyes Listen to this article

The iPhone is rather delicate, so a good case can be the difference between pristine and trashed. The iPhone has all your important information, so a privacy screen protector can keep your private information private. With the BodyGuardz Shock Case and SpyGlass Screen Protector, you get dual protection without adding significant weight and bulk. The combination is under $75!


Let’s first take a look at the BodyGuardz Shock Case with Unequal Technology for Apple iPhone 6S. Rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Bodyguardz website, this case is available in Black, Grey, Blue and Pink. At under $35, it is a great way to add slim but effective drop protection to your Apple smartphone.


It looks like a simple snap on TPU case. It is thin. It is light. it is unassuming. It is not, however, a simple TPU snap on case, No, this case has some serious tech built into it in order to provide your phone with serious protection. That protection is made possible by Bodyguardz using Unequal. This is a military grade, shock-blocking technology that is “trusted by pro athletes to help reduce the risk of serious injury.” Shock is, in fact, the first iPhone case to implement this technology.

Unequal is made with Kevlar and Acceleron. Thanks to the combination of these two materials, Unequal is able to absorb and dissipate impact energy when your iPhone is dropped. This, in turn, minimizes the shock absorbed by the device.


On the outside, the case looks like any other simple, flexible case. It has a small Bodyguardz logo embossed in the lower right corner of the back. A small ridge runs around the perimeter of the back.

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Cutouts for the camera and flash, the mute toggle, the Lightning connector, the speaker and the 3.5mm headphone jack are all precise and are no larger than they need to be in order to function properly. The power and volume buttons are covered but clearly identified. They work well.


The only place you get a sense that this case is something special is on the inside. There you see a bright line of a second material. This, I assume, is the shock absorbing region of the case. When the iPhone is inside the case, however, you would not even know it is there.


  • Works with BodyGuardz Pure
  • Made with Kevlar and Acceleron
  • Shock-absorbing materials for maximum protection
  • Sleek, low profile design

The Shock Case isn’t a fashion statement. It doesn’t add the level of classiness you might find with, for example, a handsome leather protection system. This case is not, however, meant to be a fashion statement. No, this case is designed to give a significant level of protection to the iPhone 6S without adding significantly to its weight or bulk. Viewed from this perspective, the case does exactly what it sets out to do. Considering it is under $35, ships for free and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee I highly recommend this case. Check it out here.

That, however, is only half the story.



Protecting the body of the iPhone 6S is great. But it is not enough. Considering the entire front of the iPhone is glass anyone who cares enough about the phone to put a Bodyguardz Shock case on it for protection will likely want to keep the screen protected as well. The Bodyguardz PURE screen protector is great but the company now offers something that goes a step further. The Spyglass 2-Way Privacy Screen Protector is made from tempered glass but it also offers the added advantage of hiding your information from prying eyes. That means your screen is protected AND your sensitive information is safe.

Sure you can get screen protection for less than the $39.95 you will spend to get the BodyGuardz SpyGlass screen protector but that isn’t comparing apples to apples. (It also happens to be the same price as the company’s Pure Glass screen Protector.

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As the company explains,

BodyGuardz SpyGlass allows you to access confidential information on your Apple iPhone 6s with complete discretion. SpyGlass is a tempered glass screen protector that works to protect your device in two ways. First, our tempered glass is designed to absorb the impact of a drop, decreasing the likelihood of a scratched or cracked screen. Second, a two-way privacy film is incorporated into the glass to obstruct the view of your screen from onlookers.

Inside the package you will find the glass screen protector, a micro fiber cleaning cloth, an alcohol wipe / cleaner, and installation instructions. The product comes with the Bodyguardz Advantage Replacements and a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.


As Bodyguardz explains,

The 2-way privacy film is designed in a way that the glass is optically clear when looking directly at the screen straight on but darkens as you angle the device from either the left or the right when in vertical mode. Visibility starts to limit when the device angles past 45 degrees in either direction, blocking visibility from neighboring parties.

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One of the things I love about what the company has done here is the fact that the “privacy mode” is only in effective when the phone is used in vertical mode. In landscape mode there is no privacy feature which makes it ideal for sharing pictures, video and anything else you might want to show to someone else.


  • Thin, tempered glass screen protection
  • 9H hardness
  • Smooth, anti-smudge surface
  • 2-way privacy technology; clear from straight on, but protects your information from either side
  • Easy to apply

I’m a fan of the SpyGlassscreen protector. It keeps both my screen and my personal information safe. Best of all, it works perfectly with the Shock case to create 360-degree protection. Check it out here.


Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples of the Bodyguardz Shock and SpyGlass screen protectors

What I Like: Case does a good job protecting the iPhone without significant added weight or bulk; Screen protector protects the iPhone’s screen AND your data; In landscape the phone’s screen with as usual

What Needs Improvement: The Shock is not the most aesthetic case we have seen

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