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Bump for the iPhone & iPod Touch has a lot going for it.  It happens to have the honor of being the 1 Billionth iPhone App downloaded.   It  is F-R-E-E.   The application actually makes what used to be a chore of swapping contact information with friends and colleages — gasp! — fun, and easy.

I know, I know.  It’s not Tap Tap Revenge Fun.  It won’t entertain you like Peggle will, either.  Bump will, however, help you rid yourself of of a pocket full of business cards and keep you from manually typing in numerous fields of emails, phone numbers, and addresses.  How?  Just  bump hands (or fist bump, if you are so inclined) with another iPhone user who has Bump installed and Voila!  You’ve exchanged contact info.  This app could liven up your next convention, for sure 😉

Just imagine it.  You are stuck in yet another stuffy meeting or convention filled with people networking & exchanging business cards.   You just pull out your iPhone, and bump a prospective colleage and wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am, before they can tell you they are the Assistant to the Regional Manager you have their contact information and they have yours!

Remember the excitement you felt when you took your Palm III and exchanged your information through infrared (IR)?  How cool was that?  Well, multiply that feeling by a thousand!  That’s how cool Bump is.  You’ll be running all over the office bumping contacts…whether they like it….or not.  (OK, maybe only if they like it.)

Now, the other person does have to have Bump running on their iPhone for this to work — and they do have to agree to the swap (so don’t plan on slyly giving your contact info to unsuspecting folks who do not want your number).  Sure, at first people may think you look a like a raving lunatic knocking your iPhone into everyone.  But, hey, the app can be a great ice-breaker, too.  You can show someone how it works, then they download it wirelessly and swap their contact information with you before the next drink refill.

Just don’t walk up to unsuspecting people and tell them you want to “bump” them 😉


Once you create your own contact card to share, you are all set.  I also like the fact that you control what information you want to share.  You have the option of selecting what information you want to share, from your entire contact card to specifics such as only your Photo, Phone Number, Email, Address, or any combination you choose.

The application uses the iPhone/iPod Touch accelerometer, cellular data or WiFi connection, and location data.  Bump uses an encrypted connection with a server (with the location based service) to determine if there is another device present attempting to share/transfer information.  The bump is actually used to detect the device accelerometer to initiate the data connection and data swap.

This brings up one very minor item:  you must have an internet connection to be able to exchange information.  One person can be using WiFi and you can be using your cellular data network — but you both must be “online”.

Since you don’t have to waste time typing information into your iPhone/iPod Touch, you have also increased efficiency (put that on your performance review!).   Heck, go ahead and put cost savings on that performance review, too, since you are 1) saving the cost of printing a stack of business cards (that most likely go into the trash anyway), and 2) the app is free.


Bump Technologies will soon be upgrading the application to send photos, other people’s contact info (hmmmm, hope they don’t mind), and to create multiple Bump profiles. As the screen cap above shows, these features will be integrated into a future Premium (paid) application.

If you have not already downloaded Bump from the App Store, I highly recommend it.

MSRP: Free from the iTunes App Store

What I Like: Eliminates the need to manually input contact information.  The app makes exchanging information easy, and (almost) fun.  It is Free!

What Needs Improvement: The ability to transfer photos and multiple contact cards seems to be coming with the Premium version, so that leaves me with zero to dislike or “wish for” with Bump.

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