Mobiola Photo Renamer for BlackBerry Review

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One feature that is often missing in smartphone camera applications is the ability to rename — or automatically name — photos directly on the device. Sure, most smartphones are simply not going to completely replace point-and-shoot or D/SLR cameras; but, when you just want a quick photo to capture the moment, you will probably reach for your smartphone and use the standard 1.3 to 3.0MP camera.

Then, once you take the photos, you have to go back and sift through all of those “IMG000XX” files, transfer them to your computer, and then manually rename each photo. It is not a very efficient or enjoyable process.

ShapeServices continue their line of impressive mobile applications with the Mobiola Photo Renamer utility.


Photo Renamer will automatically replace your default BlackBerry “IM000XX” photo name with custom file names of your choosing when taking photos. To do this, just select the “Enable Photo Renamer” box to run Photo Renamer on start-up. If you decide you’d rather just have a regular naming convention (like “Holiday_July_2009_001”) you can set that up directly in the application’s option screen, shown above.

BlackBerry OS 4.2 or higher is required, so the application works on all new models like the 89XX Curve series, Bold, and the touchscreen Storm.

MSRP: $2.99 from BlackBerry App World or directly from ShapeServices.
You can also download a trial version (limited to 10 photos) directly from ShapeServices.

What I Like: No more manual transferring your photos to your computer to search pictures and then rename. You can easily set the application to prompt you before renaming if you want to input a custom photo name, or you can set up your own template photo prefix, suffix, and date.  It’s much easier to organize photos when they are no longer in the “IMG000XX” format.

What Needs Improvement: Unless you have the application set to not ask you to rename, it will add a few seconds to saving each picture — which could cause you to miss a photo op.

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