Nomad USB-C Cable Review: 100W Is Tough and Speedy

A cable is just a cable. Right? Wrong. As Nomad’s cables prove, spending a bit more on a high-quality cable makes a huge difference. Nomad cables are rugged and come in a variety of types that includes a universal cable which works with just about everything. Their new $39.95 USB-C cable is an example of what makes Nomad cables great.

Nomad USB-C Cable Review: 100W Is Tough and Speedy

This one-meter cable has USB-C connectors on both ends. It is rugged and will put up with the demands that often destroy lesser-quality cables in months or even weeks. And, it provides up to 100W power transfer and ultra-fast 10gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 data.

Nomad USB-C Cable Review: 100W Is Tough and Speedy

The cable follows the same design language that we have seen previously when reviewing Nomad cables. It has a braided ballistic nylon sheathing that is both tear and abrasion resistant with a fire resistant PVC jacket. Reinforced RF shielding allows for fast data sync and the extra thick wire gauge and robust polyamide core make this a cable that will last.

Nomad USB-C Cable Review: 100W Is Tough and Speedy

Nomad is clear that this cable is designed for ultra-fast data and charging application and thick enough to handle the extreme charging and data speeds.


  • 100W Max output
  • 10Gbps USB 3.1 Gen 2 data
  • 4K Video
  • Fast charging for MacBook Pro
  • 4K Mil-spec flex tested
  • Braided ballistic nylon cable
  • Also available in a thinner 60W version
  • USB Power Delivery profile 5 which supports 5V @ 2A, 12V, 20V @ 5A (100W Total output)
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 – 10gbps data transfer
  • 4K Video

What I love about this cable is that it is equipped and powerful enough to use with my 2017 MacBook Pro, which is USB-C only.

Nomad USB-C Cable Review: 100W Is Tough and Speedy

Nomad’s FAQ on the cable is quite instructive and worth reading. For example:

How rugged is the USB-C cable? The cable works reliably after 4,000 multi-directional 150 degree flexes at the lightning connector. We achieve this industry leading certification by enlarging the diameter of the PVC jacket, copper wires, and the strain relief, as well as using high-quality plastics.

At what speed does this cable charge? This cable uses the USB Power Delivery profile 5 which supports 5V @ 2A, 12V, 20V @ 5A (100W total output). This is far greater current than any phone or tablet will require, so it will support the fastest possible charging with these. For USB C powered laptops, this cable will also support up to 100W, which is full speed for Macbooks, even the 15″ Macbook Pro’s top charging speed of 87W.

What is the intended use? Designed for ultra fast charging and data applications, including 4K video and ultra fast external hard drives. It works perfectly well to charge and sync all USB C mobile devices, but if all you’re doing is charging your phone, we recommend our 1.5M thinner 60W USB-C cable click here.

I love Nomad’s cables. In fact, they are pretty much the only cables I currently use. This new cable is perfect for charging my Nomad PowerPack (read my review) and my MacBook. It is fast, it is rugged, and it works perfectly. Check it out here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: Long enough but not too long; Rugged; Fast; Nicely priced for a premium, rugged cable

What Needs Improvement: I love Nomad’s cable wraps, but this cable does not come with one

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