In The Waiting Line for an iPhone

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In The Waiting Line for an iPhone Listen to this article

Below You’ll find an account of Travis’ experience this morning but here you’ll find the first iPhone 3G S-shot Gear Diary Video.

(We will assume someone else was driving… right?)

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Travis got up at 4AM to grab his iPhone. Seems the nearest Apple store is over an hour away.

His account thus far, and some pictures from his soon to be unused first generation iPhone follow…

(Boy that 2MP camera isn’t very good…)

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ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

I arrived at North Star Mall at 4:58. I only saw 4 or 5 vehicles so I park in that area of the parking garage. As I walked up to the locked down, dark mall a mall cop asks me if I am here to purchase. He then tells me I have to park across the street and join the line by the bus stop. I follow his instructions and join the other fanboys. I am officially the tenth person in line. I could be number 11 as the last guy in line has an empty chair.
The first guy in line got here just after midnight and sat lonely for 3 1/2 hours. As I talked to him about what time he started the line he was excited to see he now qualified for the lower price on the phone.
Many of the orange shirt concierge have been pulli g up and entering the mall. They look real excited to be entering work before 5am.

7:08AM Update

There are 2 lines. One for reserved phones and one for non-reserved. Some are having big problems. If they are not the primary account holder they cannot buy a phone. Several furious people just left. One girl just called her mother and told her to get here immediately.

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The apple people just ran through the mall hollering and screaming.


Travis rubs it in that he has one writing–

On my other phone. No service. This thing is stupid fast. Voice calling worked perfectly saying numbers.

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