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June 20, 2009 • Reviews

iFrogz Crystal Clear Review, by Larry G

Gear Diary is proud to present a first ever video from Larry G the long lost cousin of Ali G.

In his first video Larry G takes a look at the iPhone Crystal Clear Case for the iPhone 3G and 3G S.

Does he like it?  Well you’ll just have to watch……

6 Responses to " iFrogz Crystal Clear Review, by Larry G "

  1. This made me smile all over again; thank you for giving in and doing it! 😀

  2. aggie75 says:

    Larry G – you da bomb! Boss Lady knows what’s best!!!

  3. I just absolutely loved this … great stuff!

  4. Travis Ehrlich says:

    Yous tha man!

  5. ifrogz says:

    Haha, nice Ali G impression 🙂 RT @GearDiarySite: Review: iFrogz Crystal Clear by Larry G

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