Brickyard by 2XL Headphones Review

You want to look like a DJ?  You don’t like the colors typical DJ style headphones come in?  Well, check out these headphones from 2XL.


These are a classic design that has been around for a long time.  When I was little, these were the only kind of headphones available.   2XL also put a twist on these with the different colors.  Mine are the SnakeEyes color.  The rest of the styles are WreckingBall (Green), EasyMoney (Black with a silver star), Grills (White, Black or Pink), Bunny (Pink and white with a bunny on it), Defender (Olive or Tan), PaceCar (Red or Blue), Bountyhunter (a Forest Camo Pattern), NuevoSonida (Mexican flag colors), and Rasta (Rastafarian colors).


The 2XL branding is on on every part of the headphones except the cushions and the cable.  The cover over the drivers even have 2XL printed on them.  Some might not like the extensive branding, but for me it kind of works.


The 40 mm drivers and the ability to drive these with 400 mW of power and with excellent frequency response means that music sounds pretty good on them.  These are my favourite headphones for listening to music.  I can easily hear nuances in the recordings that I simply cannot hear with the standard ear bud that come with many players.  While I am sure that they aren’t the best headphones I have, they stand up well to the Altec Lansing BackBeat line I have previously reviewed.  If you want perfection, you may want to buy something else.  However, if you want decent sounding cans that look cool, the Brickyard 2XL’s are for you.


These are pretty comfortable to wear for hours.  The only time they were uncomfortable is when it’s extremely hot outside.  These are excellent headphones to wear in the winter at the bus stop!

They are large, but then every DJ style headphone I have seen has looked like these.  The beefy headphones actually may help extend their life.  The cable is pretty thick by today’s standards and the headband is very durable.  These survive being stuffed into a backpack where ones with smaller headbands have been snapped when being jostled on the bus.


With that said, as big as these are, they do take quite a bit of space in the bag.  You may want to use these at your desk at work or at home and stick to buds when walking or riding public transit.

The 2XL Brickyard headphones are available in many different colors on for $34.99.

What I liked: Beefy construction.  Survives being stuffed into my backpack with all of my other gear.

What need improvement: Could be a little smaller.  Those with small heads may not like them.

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