Wild West Pinball for iPhone Review

How many of you miss those days of pumping quarter after quarter into a pinball machine chasing the high score?  Granted, I did come from the era of crazy new style pinball games, but many of my quarters skipped the video games and found a home in the pinball machines.  Wild West Pinball just became free to celebrate a new pinball game from OOO Gameprom.

Once the game is loaded a nice 3D video provides a tour of the scoring and special areas.  Before playing you might check this out so you know where to aim or shots.  The graphics are very polished and not typical of a free game.  Obviously from the name, the game is a wild west theme.  The board as well as the special scoring locations all follow the theme well.  The sounds are spot on and very realistic.  Hearing those classic pinball sounds is almost comforting!  While the game is being played the view is as if there was a camera following the ball.  Depending on the speed and the area of the ball, the camera pans and zooms.  I first thought this issue would take away from the game play, but it actually enhances the experience.  The only issue with the camera panning is adjusting to when to flip the paddle when the ball drops from the top of the screen.  It would be easier to time the flip if the camera would pan out slightly.  Once adjusted to this, there is no problem though.  The board is 3D and has several special scoring opportunities.  The developers balanced the number of specials without cluttering the screen, which is often the case in video game pinball.  The tasks are challenging and rewarding both in animations as well as points.

To control the flipper, simply tap the left or right side of the screen.  This proves to be a great feature.  Anyone can find a comfortable place to rest and tap their thumbs.  When tapping, the flippers are very responsive without any lag time.  If you tap and hold, the flipper will stay up allowing a ball to be caught.  The secret to controlling a pinball game!  If you need to nudge the ball one direction or shake it loose, simply shake the phone.  No need to worry when you shake.  I was unable to tilt the table in my tests.

If you are like me and love some pinball, this is a great port of the classic game to the iPhone platform.  The graphics, sound, and gameplay will not disappoint!  My recommendation it to go get this one now!  It is free for goodness sake!  Get it here.

What I Like:  Spot on graphics and sound.  Great pinball gameplay

What Needs Improvement:  I would like to see the camera pan out just a bit when the ball falls to the flipper.

Should you download?  Immediately!  Wild West Pinball is very good for a free offering!

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