Rivet Now Hard Leather Pouch for iPhone 3G/3GS Review

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The Rivet Hard Leather Pouch is made from a hard plastic shell that’s surrounded by a high quality leather exterior.

The case has a vintage look to it that separates it from a traditional black or brown leather case.

The inside of the case is lined with a soft microfiber material which protects your phone.


The phone fits inside the case quite snug.  There’s no need to worry about it falling out accidentally.  However, the tight fit means you can not use any skin type protectors on your phone, such as the Zagg Invisible Skin, in conjunction with this case.

I also found it difficult to remove my phone from inside the case at times however I’m confident as the case was broken in this would become easier.


While in the case you still retain access to the power button and headset port.


You can also access the vibrate switch if you need to quickly silence your phone.


The version of the case I was sent for review also has a chain which allows you to secure the case to your belt or the inside of your gear bag.


The pouch style case has a soft feel on the exterior while feeling hard and protective at the same time.  It’s a nice mix of style and protection.

I’m not the “chain” type of guy but I certainly see the value of being able to secure the case to your belt clip or bag.

The Rivet Hard Leather Pouch case is available directly from the manufacturer for a price of $29.90 without the chain or $49.90 with.

You can learn more about the Rivet Now case on the manufacturer’s web site.

M.S.R.P – $29.90 without the chain or $49.90 with.

What I like – nice mix of style and protection.

What I don’t like – phone is hard to remove.

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